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no more "what to buy" threads

10 June 2009 - 06:33 PM

Ok, there are a lot of people asking, "What gun should I get as a beginning pump gun"? Well here it is my list of you should gets.

Used Tippmann SL68II $40-100 solid metal very simple and still effective.
Used Uni-body phantom or many other nelson based markers (Traccers, Hornets, etc) $40-100
Used PMI/Sheridan markers PGP, PMI1, Piranha LB etc $40-150
NEW WGP Trilogy Sport $60-90 (these are harder to find and need to be converted to pump but that part is easy)
NEW Converted Psychoballistics pumps $110-125 (no reg/gas thru grip, ASA or fittings.)
NEW Azodin Kaos Pump $150 works out of the box
Used Autocockers needing to be converted $50-300 (will take some work to make into pumps final cost between $100-500)
Used Autococker pumps aka Snipers Ready to roll with pump kits/regs/asa's installed $100-400
Used Phantoms $160-300 depending on options and the owners need for cash, realistically $200-300
NEW Sterling pumps $320 (I can only find 1 website that sells them, but I didn't really go looking)
NEW Phantoms $200-300+ depending on options and add-ons most common $250+
NEW Palmers Pursuit Shop pumps Pug, Super Stocker etc $350-1000 (very cool stuff!)
NEW Lapco Grey Ghost $350
NEW Sanchez Machine SM1 $350
NEW Check-It Products Mini-Sniper pumps $350 (seen on Paintballgateway.com)
USED CCM Pumps $400+
NEW CCM Pumps $500+
NEW Carter Machine Mini-comp/Buzzard etc $500+

I know Bryce Larson already made a thread that was stickied but obviously some people cant see that but here I just whipped this up just to slow down the numerous amounts of "what should I buy?" threads. Please add on to this list or change some of the things I missed or messed up on, help is always appreciated.

(lewthor has a better list)

sniper II probelems

06 June 2009 - 01:08 PM

OK, i just got done building my sniper II it has CCM internals, dye swing frame, Palmers STAB, WGP pump kit and a Delrin bolt. But when i shoot it air rapidly leaks out of the bolt until i cock it again. I dont know what the probelem is maybe i put the internals in wrong or something i dont know can somebody help.

once i get air in my tank again and if the problem inst solved I'll upload a video on exactly what it is doing.

youtube channel block?

12 March 2009 - 06:55 PM

the channel says dont PM him and come here and i cant find where to put it so i'll just say it

well i was thinking i havnt seen any techPB vids lately and i went to his channel and hit subscribe (again) and it said you cant subscribe to someone who has blocked you and i was wondering what that was about? i dont think i was rude in commenting or anything just wondering why.
love your videos mike,

my youtube username is "PBIMS"

Thank you,


24 December 2008 - 11:35 AM

OK so my favorite store in Tampa is DEFINITELY paintballers inc.. Paintballers Inc has a very knowledgeable staff with good straight forward prices and excellent opinions. the only thing they could improve on is their paint choices (granite i haven't been in a while so their paint could have improved)

my second favorite store isn't really a specialized paintball store it is one of my personal friends place and its call advanced signs and desigs. if you tell him what you want he will order it and if you continue as a good costumer he may give the things you need whole sale... (but he gets everything in the mail, so if you need something fast go to paintballers inc.). but the reason why this is my #2 store is the paint... it is amazing European (it is also made in PA) paint.. STERLING. it breaks EVERY TIME and its only 35$ for the rec balls it really is amazing paint... so go check them out the website has nothing about paintball on it so you have to visit the store...

Hope I was Helpful,