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In Topic: Dye NT 11 vs Ego 11 vs DM11 vs Marq Victory

04 December 2010 - 10:17 PM

ok so lets say i added a Geo2 into this? How would it change?

In Topic: I make Sigs 4 U

31 December 2009 - 12:40 PM

Do you think you could make me a sig? My team name is Tampa Bay Torture. You can make it look however ypu want. Just make it look cool and remember it is a paintball team.

Thanks Man!

In Topic: I make Sigs 4 U

30 December 2009 - 11:24 PM

Do you think you could make me a sig? My team name is Tampa Bay Torture. You can make it look however ypu want. Just make it look cool and remember it is a paintball team.

In Topic: Etek 3 AM vs. PMR 10 vs Bob Long Protege

11 December 2009 - 11:47 PM

Here you go, the PMR vs the Etek 3 in what i have come to through extensive research, opinions and i was lucky enough to have been able to shoot them both side by side.

2010 PMR and 2009 PMR: same gun but 2010 has better milling and a darker claret red.

So, PMRs are like a baby DM9/10/NT just without the bells and whistles as someone has said before me. Dye NT uses boost bolt technology but the Dye NT has the LPR a little better designed bolt *self cleaning eyes* dye ul barrel yet boards are all UL boards. Maybe better milling but thats not towards performance. They are lighter then the pmr and come with a hyper 3 grip sleeve type thing when the pmr comes with rings.

So yes in my opinion they are baby dm/NTs without the super top of the line technology.

Same could be said for Etek 3 LT and AM:

They are baby egos or i like to call them "outdated"

Cure bolt is like the ego 7 or 8. Ram housing is larger resulting in more weight than newer egos. but the board is not the same yet the barrel is (opposite of the pmr, the pmr board is same, barrel isn't)
I know i probably missed a lot of things in the egos vs the etek so you can add those if u must.

Now for my Conclusion: PMR vs. Etek 3

PMR has the better bolt system, very alike to the DM9, and since its a spooly it will naturally break less balls. Etek3 bolt is ok but if you had watched their slo-mo youtube video of the cure bolt upgrade, you'll notice he said that until recently we've relized that this will cause an issue. this hes referring to how the cure 1 bolt pushes to ball back up into the feedtube to avoid slicing the bottom of the bolt off. Pmr also has a quieter shot, MUCH quieter shot. The eteks do sound comewhat like a spyder but not entirely because spyders have a resonating metal on metal ping type of sound. But the PROTEGE has fixed the sound problem so you might want to look into those.
The eyes are pretty standard on both the etek3 and PMR

The PMR is all aluminum construction though so it will last longer if you tried to sledge hammer the two.

As far as reliability goes, both companies deliver, on the PMR you get a Dye NT reg (the hyper 3) and the Dye NT solenoid. The eteks has the ego regs and im not too sure on the eclipses what else is the same. I do the the rams are a tid bit different, them being larger in diameter than the egos.


The ETEK 3 HAS NO PSP 3-shot! it has capped semi, uncapped semi and plain old ramping yet these modes are VERY customizable to how fast the trigger has to be pulled in order for it to ramp.

PMR: not as customizable but comes STANDARD with 3 TOURNAMENT modes: semi auto, Millenium, PSP 3-shot and NXL legal software so you dont have to customize that at all.

The modes really turn me off of the Etek3 and also the plastic incorporated into random parts of the gun.

In my opinion, the PMR rocks and the Etek is way too much money for what you get into it. It would be different if the etek AM was $450 but its not so Proto in my bag please.

I may have forgot some of the etek3 and PMR plusses or maybe some negatives i missed but please dont flame me for my OPINION (with some facts)

EDIT: Sorry if it's a little long, just want you to be informed.

This was from my last post to the SAME question, read around first before you post.

Anyway the PMR will be better in the woods because of the quiet shot and i find that i dont shoot as much in the woods so efficiency in the woods to me is pretty useless.

Well above pretty much sums it up. If you are diehard efficiency get the protege if not PMR

I've made up my mind already...I'm gonna get the PMR 10. The price is what really got me and its a lower price for my parents at Christmas