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Brand new AXE

16 September 2011 - 09:41 AM

as the title says when playing in Millennium mode 10.5 ramp, that`s x 4 touches on the button inside the fore-grip, everything is ok , then you go on field to play and sometimes the gun just changes during play to semi allowing it to fire at an alarming rate of fire, now x 1 gun you can expect a glitch but the team have bought them and during a game x 4 of them went this way without any warning, I thought perhaps it was gripping the fore-grip too hard that maybe pressed the side in to make the outer cover touch the button inside, I've even put a bit of foam inside just to make sure, but it doesn`t make any difference, the gun doesn`t come with a mode lock, is there something I`m missing in the set up or is there something else to stop this from happening . Posted Image ..Bluey