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In Topic: Vlocity Jr. boards

12 May 2011 - 08:36 PM

You are very correct in that it appears to have two extra rows of prongs. I can't say much against that other than many have used them and love them. I can't even remember how many slots there were in my board when I installed my Dynasty chip to say if there is enough or if the photo must not be accurate.

In Topic: Vlocity Jr. boards

12 May 2011 - 08:16 AM

Yea, I knew which chip you meant. although for some reason I thought it was a few dollars more. With the price drop on the Vlocity I was thinking the Virtue chip cost more than the loader. Guess I was mistaken on that. Still, spending nearly as much as the product your upgrading on one upgrade seems a bit high. Honestly, I think that the Virtue chip with a new paddle like the Ninja paddle in the dynasty kit would be the best you could do. If you're wanting to spend the cash that is.

In Topic: Vlocity Jr. boards

11 May 2011 - 08:47 PM

The virtue chip is vastly superior IMHO, but it's cost is pretty high. That said, from a price/performance standpoint, the dynasty kit gives you more bang for your buck IMO. However, if you really want the best battery life out of your Vlocity or plan to use reballs in it then the Virtue chip may be worth the extra initial cost. I find it unlikely many will actually say to get the virtue chip for your loader when it costs more than the loader. Then again, with the cost of batteries (if you arn't using rechargeable) the Virute chip may pay for itself in the first year.

In Topic: Want to buy cheap bob long species!

06 May 2011 - 10:12 PM

Sorry man, but you kinda talked your way out of buying the one I just got. :lol: I'd have probably sold it to you if you hadn't upped my impressions of it at first and talked me into giving it a chance. I was planning to sale it right off the bat, but now I might try and 2K5 it later on down the road.

In Topic: Need help with my Bob Long Species.

06 May 2011 - 10:05 PM

Yeah, I'm glad the board seems to have the modes and settings the manual for the 2K2 Intimataor says it should have. I need to go around town and see if I can find some Dow55 and if not order some. I really don't want to use it improperly lubed, but I just had to try out the board.

As for playing, well, around here it's outlaw (for now) and I'm having trouble gettig a fire lit under the asses of those that have connections to land owners willing to let us play on their land. By the end of June however, there's supposed to be a new, and first, paintball park opening around 15 miles outside of town. The guys were going to have it closer, but since a lot of people openly stated they had a larger interest in Woodsball and Scenario than Speedball (myself included), they decided to find a different location for the field. Last I heard, about a week ago, they were going through a lot of paper work to get it to be a go. I hope to hell they get the field up and running. I'm not entirely sure how well it'll fair, but I hope it'll at least be profitable enough for them to be able to and willing to keep it open. Since this is a college town there's plenty of new people from year to year that will likely try it for something to do. Weather they go back a second time is the question.