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07 ego used vs. G3 IQ

03 July 2009 - 12:44 AM

The G3 is a great marker, but the 07 ego is a lot better

Torque speed feed mod

29 June 2009 - 03:15 PM

I have been really interested in getting a speed feed for my Torque. Last month Exalt paintball came out with an adapter for the Torque Loudmouth. I am disappointed that nothing has come out for regular Torque owners. So I waited and waited and today I finally decided that I could make my own speed feed. This is what I did.

Step 1: Use dowel wood to make a bar that fits where the Torque lid would slide in.
Posted Image

Step 2: Plan out your speed feed (I used the paper template shown below)
Posted Image

Step 3: Get 3 butter lids(shown below, or any plastic you want but these work the best).
Posted Image

Step 4
: Cut out the shape of your Torques mouth so that it overlaps a little bit.
Posted Image

Step 5: Draw your template onto your plastic cut out with a fine tip sharpie.
Posted Image

Step 5: Cut out the colored in parts of the plastic template with a razor.
Posted Image

Step 6: Next you want to use a blow dryer to warm the plastic speed feed curl the triangles down
Posted Image

Step 7: Use your second butter lid to make a rim support for your speed feed
Posted Image

Step 8: Punch a small hole on the top of your speed feed and your rim support in the same place.
Posted Image Posted Image

Step 9: Use your third butter lid to make a rectangular strip that will screw into the holes that you made in the speed feed and rim support. (about 2 1/4" long by 3/4" wide)

Step 10: Use a very small screw and screw the rectangle to the top of your speed feed (where you made the hole) and then screw the speed feed on top of the rim support with the same screw. Posted Image

Step 11: Wrap the rectangular strip up and around the wooden peg then screw tight.

Step 12: Use tape (I used electrical) to tape the back end of the speed feed down

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image


23 June 2009 - 12:55 PM

does anyone know anything about THIS! marker. It looks like it has a couple of different firing modes including PSP ramp and semi capped at 20bps(dont know if 20 is true)

Noob Vid

23 June 2009 - 12:28 AM

not to flame new players, but this is pretty funny

Protect and Serve Club!

22 June 2009 - 06:13 PM

There has been many videos, pictures etc. that have ruined the sport of paintball for many. The object of this group is to find these negative paintball related things on the web and request that they be removed. It is because of these negative media sources that many parents/people disapprove of paintball. It is my wish that negative paintball news vanish completely and we as a community start improving Paintball's image.

1. Anyone can Join
2. If a negative paintball related picture is found post a link to the photo. so other members can flag/report it.
3. If a negative paintball related video is found post a link to the video or embed it so other members can flag/report it.
4. Stay on topic of improving paintball's image
5. Stay active

To flag/report a video on youtube press the flag button>Dangerous or Harmful Acts>Other Dangerous Acts.

The Protect and Serve Sig banner is OPTIONAL

Now that more people are joining the club, I think that it would be best that some sort of form should be filled out so its easier to flag videos without having to actually watch them. In my opinion it should be short enough so that its not a problem to fill out, but long enough to have the necessary information.

I'm going to give you my idea for the form, you can copy/ paste, or modify it if you like.

Video: (Link Here)
Summary: (Literally as short as possible. Keep it to 6-7 words if possible)
Appropriate Flag: (Post what flag would be most appropriate for this video, if none of the flags fit, then it most likely doesn't deserve being flagged)


President: Cantonlax8

Vice President: WhatsHisFace


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