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In Topic: Me, First Strike Rounds, and LL3

22 June 2010 - 12:01 AM

Even with a smaller gun body (and a short barrel), you still have to account for a hopper and a tank. In addition to my T9, I sling mounted an SP1 with a Qloader and a 45/4500 tank. The direct mounted qloader seemed perfect. But, the tank still kept it awkardly hanging.

Thats the most aggravating thing for me going from tac shooting to scenario paintball. X-ball im fine with the tank, but everything im comfy with in tac shooting gets botched by the tank.

In Topic: Me, First Strike Rounds, and LL3

21 June 2010 - 01:05 PM

I think a sling would work better than the backpack if done right. Also, no matter how unlikely you think it is you'll be overrun, murphy's law is a bitch. And yes, some people are good at fine motor skills under duress, after a shitload of practice. So if you want to be Quigley, I suggest practicing that setup a lot.

In Topic: Help me help you

21 June 2010 - 12:44 PM

If it would be possible to have a youtube video like suggested in between steps in registering and have it so to go to the next step you have to watch the video? haha, taking the idea from some software installers that you have to scroll through the agreement before you can hit next.

In Topic: LL3 Cheating caught on Traumahead

21 June 2010 - 12:26 PM

Awesome investigation Halo, look forward to your results.

My 2 cents on the stress, say he is stressed, driving skills are generally accepted as some of the weakest under ANY attention grabbing situation. If he says he was under adrenaline for his actions then i dare say he didn't check that it was safe. Now lets say he wasn't under stress. He seems perfectly relaxed in his protective cage, the whole time, as he should me. I say this from body langauge, he is too relaxed to be "hyped up" enough to be an idiot unknowingly. Heat stress would be his only excuse, but still, minor heat stress that doesn't affect your handling of a vehicle isn't going to completely cloud your mind from being a "stand up" player.

What's really got me is how, predator, can you say the cheating is your top priority? Safety first is a slogan for a reason. If he mowed down some kid that tried to cross the road but was cleared from cheating i would hope you'd sing a different tune. In a family oriented game where cheating is going to happen to some degree anyway, being as honest as possible is the right thing to do. But disregarding the safety of the people around you is despicable. While commiting this entire spree of unsafe actions he is running from one ref and ignoring another. Confusion and playing on happens, if the tank was hit glancing in the back corner i wouldnt expect the driver to notice. But there is never any excuse for how he decided to take out his "frustration." Part of being a MATURE ADULT is handling yourself when you are mad or frustrated. His side, our side, it doesn't matter who's story is right about cheating or playing on or any of that crap. Rules like you said were handled by Viper. What is seen the most clearly in the video is whats of most importance here and there is no need to hear anyone's story about it. If your child is borrowing your car and gets pulled over for speeding, reckless driving, and endangering the public, I don't think "their side of the story" would matter very much.

Edit: no apology necessary ced, you're doing the right thing. Predator, that's how the world works. just cause you've never done anything wrong before (thats been caught) doesnt mean something bad on your record can be overlooked easy. Also, no one means to attack you here, we're sorry there's an idiot trying to ruin your reputation. But as my RA said "shit rolls down hill." When people bring these complaints to the captain (because hes the spokesman), the captains job is to turn around and pour it on the man who caused it.

In Topic: CFOA 3 Man (d6) PBC Greensboro

20 June 2010 - 06:52 PM

Um, maybe some of the summer events sometime since im in school at WV. Definately if its D6, ive played some local d5 and d4s at that field and it would be a waste of paint unless there was a ref at each player.