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Huntington Beach Angel VIP Booth

12 April 2010 - 02:58 PM

The Angel VIP booth was pretty Epic!!! Aside from some problems with the VIP check in guys at first... My name wasn't on the list and instead of finding Frazer to fix the problem they sent me inside to find him (I had no idea what he looked like..) I asked around but he wasn't in there so I watched some games for about an hour then went back to my car to find a better parking spot. After I found a spot my friend Raul and I went to take a good look at the booths.

The new Fusion by DP is SEXY!!!!!!!! and yes it looks identical to an Ego minus a few things here and there. The DP guys said it should retail for under $1,000... The custom Vanguard Creeds were SEXIER than even my Vice :unsure: , but its all good. Funny thing my friend said to the Vanguard guys he said "What is better a Bob Long Vice or a Creed..." I looked at him and was like DUDE we are at the Vanguard booth what do you think they are going to say? hahahahaha The Vanguard guy thought about it..... and it looked like he was going to say the Vice but at the last moment he said "I work for Vanguard what do you think I am going to say." LOL. The Ninja tanks are even lighter than I had previously thought, I held all of them and was extremely surprised by the lightness. The Pinokio Hopper booth was one of the smallest....but that doesn't matter since they were selling SMOKE Pinokio's for $100 bucks (yes they really were) unfortunately I am flat broke and could barely afford the gas to get to the tournament so no new hopper for me.... The DYE and Planet Eclipse booths were of course the nicest so nothing special there.. but they are still awesome so they get a thumbs up :tup: . Azodin did in fact have a custom white anodized Kaos I believe it was.. and boy was it sweet even though all they did was make it white it still just popped out of their booth. The .50 cal. Spyder's are so thin from there breech and barrel that at first I was like WOW .50 cal paint is a LOT smaller than .68... which it is :lol: . I checked out the Bob Long trailer and there wasn't much interest there like the other booths which was weird seeing how Bob had nearly every design of his current guns out on display....

I then went back to the VIP section and this time there was a different guy who was checking people off the VIP list, he was actually helpful and went inside with me to find Frazer, which we did finally. Frazer said he hadn't checked his e-mail in a couple of days which is why I wasn't on the list but it was all good he gave my friend and me a green wrist band which was good for Friday and Saturday but not Sunday :( . There were free tacos which were pretty good although not "true" Mexican tacos, I'm Mexican so I know lol :lol: . At first it was pretty SWEET but then everyone started coming up and it started to get packed <_< which made watching the games hard and annoying at times because of all of the random chatter from the guys hitting on the girls hahaha :rolleyes: . I don't blame them though when there's a bunch of girls with shoelaces on for bikinis...while there is a chilly breeze ;) flowing..., you tend to get a little excited lol. I also tried on the new Angel Mask and it was pretty comfortable, I can honestly say that it was quite a bit more comfy than my Proto Axis Pro. They weren't carding at all at the bar...but I decided not to drink mainly because drinking isn't my thing but also because I had to drive home for over an hour and a half after that (LA traffic). Overall the view was great and you were dead center in the middle of the games that were broadcasted over the web. Also Thomas Taylor was in there on Friday eating a butt load of food :lol: . I was gonna ask him for an autograph but by the time he was done eating, and I was in the zone watching the games he was gone... The event wasn't as big as I had hoped it was going to be, which shows the times we are in when 1 of the biggest paintball events has low attendance... Even though, I can't wait until next year when I will hopefully have money to buy some paintball stuff and not rely on the free stickers the vendors were giving out lol.

EDIT~ The Ninja booth was also throwing out t-shirts/pods over there booth at end of the day on Friday, along with some lucky bastard winning a brand new 68/45 Ninja tank :tup: