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In Topic: Slg help!

28 March 2010 - 06:30 PM

it is probably an issue with the sear, make sure the sear screw is tight.


28 March 2010 - 06:05 PM

I entered.

In Topic: -ORaNGe-'s upcoming YouTube Channel

24 February 2010 - 09:26 PM

doing a video on what tanks are canada acceptable (im not sure but is it DOT) would be a good video

you're thinking of the TC (transport Canada) stamp

In Topic: Playing paintball is not in my near future

07 February 2010 - 12:56 AM

lol, that's not that bad, get out there and play!

In Topic: The Truly Canadian Checklist

19 January 2010 - 10:35 PM

125 (crossed off 27, but got 2 bonuses), not too bad.

GSP is the man, and Fiddleheads are unreal, I didn't know we had them as far west as Ontario though. I've only seen them back home in New Brunswick.

-Be able to name our previous 3 prime ministers
-Know who our Governor General is
-Have been in the back seat of a canoe (steering) at least once
-Caught 5 different kinds of fish
-Shot a partridge
-Owned a shotgun and a rifle
-Used pure maple syrup, the kind in the big jug bought off a frenchie off the hood of his truck
-Eaten fresh blueberries you picked yourself
-Have chased off a black bear on at least 1 occasion
-Walked around in -20 celcius (-8F) in a t-shirt
-Visit a Tim Horton's at least once a week
-Been repulsed by a Starbucks
-Been camping with nothing but a tent at least once
-Gone "parking" somewhere in the woods
-Drank both Molson Canadian AND Export
-Cheer for a Canadian hockey team
-Played peewee or minor hockey
-Seen a beaver SWIMMING on at least 3 different occasions
-Stood on a beaver house
-Cut down a tree with an axe
-Cut down a tree with a chainsaw
-Split and piled firewood
-Started a bonfire with gasonline
-Started a bonfire with properly cut kindling and newspaper
-Been lost in the woods
-Seen a wolf on 2 separate occasions
-Had wild animals get into your garbage
-Had your dog ride shotgun AND get a Timbit at the drive through
-Watched Survivorman at least 5 times
-Know Survivorman's real name
-Watched Mantracker at least 3 times
-Pitched an empty beer bottle at a road sign from a moving car
-Kept a beard during the winter because it's warmer
-Own a parka or -50 rated winter coat
-Have tied a child's skates under 6 years of age
-Have taught a child under 6 how to skate
-Played goalie in a game of pond hockey or at an open air rink
-Wanted to drive a Zamboni
-Attended a professional hockey game
-Attended a college/university hockey game
-Attended a highschool hockey game
-Attended a children's hockey game
-Watched the Grey cup eventhough you didn't care who won
-Never watched golf
-Never watched the NFL
-Can tell me what kind of bark is the best for starting a fire
-You know what a "fiddlehead" is
-You've done hay at least once for a period of 4 hours or more
-Gone cow tipping
-Faked a "Canadian" accent when talking to an American
-Told an American and CONVINCED them you live in an igloo
-Refer to pop as "pop" and NOTHING else
-Can't decide between Coke or Pepsi
-Watched the Canadian olympic hockey teams play at least 5 times
-Watched the World Juniors IIHL
-Watched Lacrosse
-Know who your province's premier is
-Know the difference between and MP and MPP
-Referred to a picture of a thermometer to translate to our stupid slacked jawed neighbours to the south how cold it really is
-Worn a toque an elderly relative knitted for you
-Rolled a snowball at least 8 feet high with friends (give yourself a bonus point if someone got ran over)
-Made a snowman with appropriate genitalia
-Be a member of the Canadian Baller's Club
-Be in the Canadian Baller's Club "First Company"

-Know which beaches the Canadians landed on during DDAY
-Know the significance of Passchendaele, Vimy Ridge, and Ypres
-Worn a poppy
-Had a family member serve in Korea or WW2
-Know a Canadian veteran of Afghanistan
-Joined the Canadian forces not yet
-Hate basketball
-Love bacon in all of it's forms
-Can name all of the people on Canadian currency
-Know who the first prime minister was
-Performed a J turn in a snow covered parking lot
-Driven with a field of view the size of your hand or smaller until your car warms up through the frost on the windshield
-Had frost blown at your through your heater when you first start your car
-Changed a stranger's tire
-Helped a stranger push a broke down car
-Helped a stranger get his car out of a ditch or unstuck in the winter
-Lost control on black ice
-Fallen on your ass in front of friends due to ice
-Owned studded winter tires
-Drove an entire winter without winter tires
-Paid to have skate sharpened
-Owned at least 4 hockey sticks
-Dreamed of playing in the NHL
-Disliked Quebec
-Find having 2 "official" languages an insult
-Speak french

-Refuse to learn how to speak french (i'm gunna have to though...)
-Done everything you could to duck Canadian Customs on something coming into the country
-Used CanadaPost
-Complained about taxes but never done anything about it
-Snapped your fingers to fling pennies at people
-Thrown out pennies
-Collected Canadian coins
-Preserved a leaf in a book (Bonus if it was a maple leaf)
-Driven across at least 3 provinces
-Lived in at least 1 major Canadian city
-Lived in a provincial capital city
-Visited the Parliament buildings
-Received a speeding ticket from an RCMP officer
-Donated to a Tim Horton's charity
-Avoid McDonald's at all costs
-Know that the first KFC was actually opened in Canada, 1 bonus point if you know which city
-You can name the Canadian primary fighter jet
-You can name the Canadian main battle tank
-You've visited the West Edmonton mall
-You know who owns the West Edmonton mall
-You think Gretzky is a pussy, Messier is a boss
-You think Messier is a pussy, Gretzky is a boss
-You know which city is Joe Thornton's home town
-You like Ray Bourque
-You think Martin Brodeur is the best goalie in history
-Your town doesn't have an escalator
-Your town doesn't have a traffic light
-You've spent at least $1000 at Canadian Tire
-You think "The Source by Circuit City" is a crock, just call it what it is
-You know who Louis Rheal is
-You pronounce Poutine properly (IT'S NOT POO-TEEN!)
-You've eaten at least 2 types of Poutine
-You've purchased cheese curds
-You've had a main course other than turkey at thanksgiving
-You've received EI
-You've had a Canadian flag hung on your wall
-Attended a Canada day celebration
-You have RRSP's
-You've voted for the Liberals
-You've voted for the Conservatives
-You've voted for the NDP
-You think Syndey Crosby is a bitch
-You've cheered for GSP
-You've jumped off a bridge into a lake/river below
-You've gone curling
-You've watched Olympic curling for at least half an hour
-You've ignored the mountain of snow on your car telling yourself "It'll just blow off when I hit 80"
-You're part British
-You're part French

-You've seen proof that asians are actually horrible drivers
-Eaten smoked fish
-Shoveled off a roof so it wouldn't collapse
-Shoveled driveways for money
-Ran and slid on a patch of ice
-Have a Canadian flag or maple leaf tattoo
-Know when confederation took place
-Watched the Royal Canadian Airfarce and laughed your ass off
-Watched Rick Mercer's "Talking to Americans" in shocked horror and disbelief
-Gone to Niagara falls and recognized the US got shafted
-Actually did this whole survey