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Best marker for NPPL play?

09 April 2012 - 02:31 AM

Hey guys, title explains it all. It has been since 2008 since I have shot a paintball gun. I recently went to the NPPL Surf City Open and not going to lie, it really has me wanting to play again. I have no idea how the markers of today feel or how they shoot (last gun owned was an 08 ego). Which gun on the market today is best for semi auto? Is there a a gun with superior trigger geometry? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Basic stretches and nutrition tips before getting on the field.

20 March 2009 - 06:35 PM

Im not an expert, but I know enough about the human body to help you prepare for pre-game warm ups.

Before even putting on your gear, the first thing you should do is loosen up your body. Start off the day by taking a jog around the field at least two times. If it is an indoor field try going outside and running on the sidewalk.

After your done with your jog, pick an area where you have room to move around. There is a lot of leg movement in paintball. Start by stretching your quadriceps. Your style of stretching may vary, so pick one your most familiar with. Next stretch your calves.

After stretching your legs, loosen up your arms. Once again your stretches may vary so pick one your most familiar with. Try crossing your arms, swinging your arms, and putting them behind you head. This will help loosen them up.

Reguardless of what sport you play, H2O(water for you people who failed science) is essential for athletes. Make sure you bring plenty of bottled waters or jugs with you. You do not want to be dehydrated playing in all that gear. Try to avoid drinking energy drinks mainly because of the amount of sugar that is them. Sugar will make you jittery for a few minutes but make you feel tired later.

As a snack I reccomend eating a powerbar. These things are packed with protein and will give you plenty of energy for the day. There are many different kinds of powerbars/nutrition bars and plenty of different flavors.

Hope these tips help out. Thanks and God Bless :)