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In Topic: I want to learn about computer hardware and etc

26 April 2010 - 01:13 PM

Geek squad rips people off. They will sell you things you don't need(taking advantage of the not tech savy) and charge you a buttload to just connect a few wires. I had a friend that worked there. Thats beside the point of the thread though and honestly a job is a job.

Try googling. For computer hardware the internet should be your first choice there are sooooo many sites that will help you. http://tinyurl.com/26brqtr

I would also look into books. 70% of anything I wanted to learn, I learned from a book. Networking, Cpu structures, Computer components, etc. I would buy a "for dummies" book and try there. (Don't pay full price though, try getting used or something.)

good luck.

have you ever got any electronics repaired? the whole thing is based on taking advantage of people that dont know simple trouble shooting.

I would look at getting a+ certified or taking an a+ book, it will give you a certification that should make a geek squad type job an easy hire. as well as teach all the basics and some more in depth hardware and software concepts.

programming classes etc really can help when troubleshooting, believe it or not. i thought it was a useless class to till i took it and learned alot about how programs work, where errors and conflicts occur etc etc.

i am 2 weeks away from an AAS in computer support, and a few credits away from a network admin as well.

even if you dont know how to do most of the stuff they may still hire you if you are good with customers, and can do basic installs, recoveries etc such as installing anti vrius or anti theft software on new pc's

In Topic: JT Speculation - KEE is buying them

08 February 2010 - 04:52 PM

they got some fixing up to do. once jt became a walmart whore they havent came out with much stuff worth while

its now been confirmed

PC for the win

In Topic: JT Speculation - KEE is buying them

24 January 2010 - 07:27 PM

mike, you must have good sources

hee hee hee

There are MANY reasons to buy a company. You may want their name/reputation, you may want certain products they have, you may want buildings/facilities they have... or you may just want to drop them out of the business after you buy them to eliminate competition.

No idea what might be planned here if it even happens, but lots of reasons...

Yeah, just a thought but maybe they wanted the shelf space that JT had at walmart and other stores

theres a contract with procaps now, they wont be back into wal mart....