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Posting Pictures

11 March 2009 - 04:52 PM

Hi as you've probably guessed I'm having trouble posting pictures.
I see there's this 'attachment space' of 500kb, and allot of it is taken up by pics i previously posted elsewhere, and now i have no room for attachments in other posts, does this honestly mean I have to remove other attachments? Or have I missed summin?
If anyone can explain why others seem to able to post pic after pic except me, it'd be very much appreciated.

My Inferno

07 March 2009 - 05:13 PM

Right so here's my marker so far.

It's a Powerball Inferno Mk2 (as seen in my avatar), I got it because it's the site marker we use at work (insanely boring you may think) but there's method in my madness. I know my way around an Inferno like the back of my hand (as i spend roughly 12 hours in total with one in my hand in a normal weekends work) so it makes sense to have a marker i can strip in seconds, and identify problems from bottle to barrel. Also it's so hardy and brutally simple it comes with a 7 year warranty (so i can thrash the fucker guilt free) It's about as simple as a semi auto marker can get, a marker on a diet if you will (I'm aware this is somewhat of an exaduration if you want to get picky lol)
So it came in the colour of the raw metal (brushed aluminium) our center assistant manager (Barry Griffin!) sprayed it black for me (and a jolly good job he did too) I've got it a nice 14" barrel and a venturi style bolt for accuracy, took the foregrip off, and I got my hands on a brand new DYE Rotor for 60 quid (roughly $90) I'm aware such a beast is crazy overkill for such a simple marker but I couldn't resist for the sheer loader porn it provides, oh and the price ;) The Inferno has a tendency to chuck gas back up the feedneck during the firing cyle, so using a shake and shoot you tend to miss shots as the balls jump back into the hopper, so a force feed is essential.
Anyway onto the pictures, this is all in the name of makin a simple machine as good as it can possibly be, and it shoots great, I hope you enjoy my humble companion. Oh and i added it in voided in warranty because i had to sand the neck of the Rotor down to fit it in the feedneck, sacralige i know :o
1. Custom barrel above stock sprayed barrel
2. Venturi style bolt next to stock open face bolt
3. Basic dis assembly, incl. Rotor
4. The sum of it's parts

PS apologies for picture qualities I took them on my phone in poor light on my kitchen floor lol
PPS I'm also aware this is ameture compared to some of you guys great projects, as I've not done any form of actual bespoke modification, but it's the start of a future obsession :P

Midland Woodsballer's Holla!

10 February 2009 - 11:24 AM

Hey people, welcome to the Midlands thread, contrary to the name, there will be no gangster nonsense of any kind ;) (unless Byron finds this (god help us))
Anyway here's the place where anyone can talk shite and ask shite, for hear replies from their fellow Woodsball folk, who gas up their markers in and around the Midlands.

Oh and banter is more than welcome, us Brummies love a good slating from time to time :P

Enjoy and cheers in advance.

Little Sisters

07 January 2009 - 09:42 AM

Hi there, i'm the older brother in my family and i'm sick of being called evil/selfish/the favourite, lil sisters need to be exposed for the plotting, manipulative monsters they all seem to be.
if you feel the same and have any hilarious/concerning sibling torment stories, go crazy here!
feel free to throw in some paintball stuff too

Oh and if you are a lil sister we'd all love to here what you have to say too.

cheers and enjoy