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12 September 2013 - 09:50 PM

If you look around you an even find some in the 4-450 range. 

In Topic: Zodiac ZR1?

08 September 2013 - 01:47 PM

I actually have two of these markers and can attest that they are wonderful. The company status is fairly accurate although I have to say that they have GREAT customer service. There are numerous blogs about Ken Hefferly, the CEO, personally spending time with people on the phone addressing issues and sending our free replacement parts or doing upgrades at little or no cost. One really positive design aspect is that the board, solenoid  and eyes are all DYE UL based so they are easily replaced and do not require the company to replace unlike many "orphan" markers like Angel, Regency Chromes, FEP Quest, etc.


As to the marker itself, you will  find it to be a VERY smooth and efficient spoolie. I routinely get 10-12 pods off a 68/4500. Its not the lightest marker out, but is very well balanced and has very good "pointability", so it feels lighter in your hands that you would expect while feeling very solid. I also found that unlike many "hoseless" markers, the HPR and bolt integrated LPR are also very very easy to lube and maintain. Also, following on the FEP Quest, have an AMAZING trigger for those that are picky about such things. Essentially, this marker is what a Machine Vapor SHOULD have been like (if and when they actually worked or had good quality control) as many of the the designed ideas were alleged to have been ripped off from Zodiac, giving rise to the controversy that essentially lead to the demise of Zodiac. Only real down side, is the board is not an OLED, so if thats not an issue, or you just have to have a marker that talks to you, its a matter of preference there.  If you are looking for a gun to "flip" or resell, this would not be the marker for you as they can be purchased between 400-600.00 rountinely and don't high resale value. If you want to use them in high level tournaments, they work great...BUT....there are no booths to bring them too for parts or teching. If you are looking for a marker that will go toe to toe with 1500.00+ markers, these things are a steal and loved by those who know about them.





In Topic: Alien Invasion vs Zodiac ZR1

27 June 2013 - 08:26 PM

Unlike the majority of people parroting a bunch of rumors, I actually have two (2) Zodiac ZR-1's. Before anyone discounts my opinion as a "fanboy" I have been playing since 1987 and am an admitted gun whore, so I like to think I have a pretty good knowledge of various markers for comparison purposes. That said, the ZR-1 is an AMAZING marker. The quality and fit is excellent, it has a HATER board that does everything you need, and the solenoid, eyes and board are all DYE UL components. For an off brand marker this was a HUGE point for me as this ensures that the touchy parts of an electro marker, like the board and eyes, will always be available even if not from Zodiac. It also has a flat faced bolt with pillow to prevent roll back (looks kinda like a pooty bolt) angled detents, and very few O-Rings. The bolt set up is similar to a Quest Gold bolt and snatch pin combo, since it was designed by the same guy Chris Cole. Many consider the Quest to be one the best spool valve markers every designed, hampered only by a sketchy WAS board. The suggestion that the marker has nothing innovative is equally false as its most innovative idea is an LPR built into the actually bolt, which is adjusted by turning the bolt cap and easy coversion to a macro line asa/reg setup. As to shooting it is super smooth on par with any Luxe, Vapor or BL spoolie and had extremely good efficiency for a spool, on par with many high end poppit markers. It is not as quiet as a DM but is still very very quiet. They are ball on ball accurate markers with almost zero kick and what little kick they do have, as all markers have some, goes directly back, not up, so there is no barrel rise. Also uses regular 9v battery so no worries about dead batteries. You can also use a normal reg and asa set up, rather than gas through if thats your preference  and both HP and LPR are easily servicable spring/piston set ups.Mine rountinely are +/1 2-3 fps over a 15-20 ball stream. Customer service, even for an essentially dormant company is actually excellent as the CEO Ken Hefferle will personally get on the phone with you to help fix any problems, routinely fixes markers for free and i can vouch that he is very generous with sending out free parts like oring sets, detents and replacement screw. 


The downside to the markers are these. No on-off ASA. This is not a big deal though because the markers need a med output 550 PSI'ish tank reg, so taking tank of or off is very very easy. You also shouldn't use a normal high pressure reg on your tank, which like a BL marker can be an additional expense. The HATER board is not OLED, its a standard trigger/flashy color LED set up. APE does make a UL OLED board for it, but it requires some minor modding to grip frame to install. They are also not the lightest markers out there but they aren't heavy by any means. I think they are a shade over 2lbs with barrel and battery. Also, as essentially an orphan marker, there aren't many upgrades or things to add. They do have fairly poor resale value as they started at 1100.00 and now sell for 950.00 new, but used ones in good shape can be bought easily for 400-500 dollars. The box the come in is very utilitarian but provides great protection. I do agree that there is a potential that these markers could gain a cult following as those who have them love them, and the could easily be a next Pikadoll or Viking kind of thing.


Now to clarify the rumors for as to counterfeit markers. There were none. Period. There are several threads on this on PBM between Chris Cole (who deisgned this and the Quest) and Mike Spurlock. What apparently happened was that Zodiac hired Machine Paintball to machine the bodies and components for the ZR-1 and the quality was so poor they were rejected by Zodiac. This apparenrly pissed off Machine PB who refused to return other proprietary parts and indicated that they would release thier own marker insinuating a ZR-1clone. THIS is what prompted the unfortunate rant by Chris Cole about seizing any fake Zodiacs and requiring all markers sent to them for registration. As you can imagine this freaked people out. Spurlock then later posted a long response saying that they we NOT going to clone any Zodiac markers but would be releasing thier own markers under a different name, which you all now know as the Vapor.


oh, here are pics of my babies:






So......LOL.....all this said..the ZR-1 is an excellent marker, easy to maintain and shoot ropes with great efficiency. I would view it as a players marker, not a collectors marker, though they are pretty rare. If if like spool valve markers, you will like the ZR-1.  Does all that help?