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A few questions about working out

25 June 2009 - 12:56 AM

Ok first off im not asking for a quick way to lose 200 pounds in a few weeks or how to get massive..
So please only respond if you have some good informative advice to give me.

Im 15 years about 5'10 and 145 lb. Im looking to gain some muscle and weight, but nothing drastic
I usually play hockey about 4 times a week but the season just ended. Hockey starts up again in august but I'm looking for something to keep me in shape or more.

My workout consists of lifting weights and pushups for about 45mins to an hour. I dont really have a set amount of reps that I tell myself to do, I just lift until failure then switch to pushups until failure and so on. Should I give myself a set amount to do while doing this so I know if im progressing or not?

I usually do this right before bed. Any idea when the best time to workout is? Ive looked it up but didnt really find any clear answers besides that it making you alert and hard for you to sleep. this is not the case for me

What should I eat/drink throughout the day? A friend told me he drinks 3 eggs in the morning like some kind of rocky shit lol and he just says to eat a lot(not junk food). Any insight on this would be helpful

So yeah any help to make my workout better would be great. I still go to the rink at least once a week for a mandatory powerskating which is basically like cardio I guess so im trying to avoid running unless needed, I already know I can run 2 miles and thats good enough for me(this might not be true by the end of the summer lol).