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No NPPL in 2014

07 February 2014 - 10:16 PM

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF.- Founded in 1992, the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) has had the honor of sanctioning some of the largest, successful, paintball events in the world. Many players have speculated as to whether or not the NPPL series will return for the 2014 season. It is confirmed that the NPPL will take time off this season to restructure, reorganize and focus on bringing you yet another prosperous season in 2015. The NPPL will utilize the time off to generate new interest in the league and attain new promoters, sponsors, vendors, and field operators.



KEE Action Sports closing Clearwater, FL plant, laying off 109.

03 February 2014 - 10:43 PM


KEE Action Sports, the biggest maker of paintballs in the world, has closed its Clearwater manufacturing facility and is shipping the bulk of the work to cheaper labor in Asia.

The closure means KEE is laying off 109 of its 110 plant employees, the company said in a mass layoff notice filed with the state Monday. Only one senior executive working there will be relocated.

CEO and president John Robinson said about a third of the production "high- and mid-grade stuff" using higher quality paint will be sent to the company's plant in London, Ontario. Most of the work will go to Asia through strategic partnerships with producers in Taiwan and China.

"It was a pure economic decision," Robinson said, citing a "glut in the marketplace" with international manufacturers that didn't exist even a few years ago. "We were just not able to compete."

"As you can imagine, it was a brutal decision to ultimately get to," he added.

KEE Action Sports, which pumps out about 5 billion paintballs a year, is an amalgamation of acquired sporting companies and has a dispersed organizational chart as a result. Its headquarters is in Sewell, N.J., while its CEO is based in Bentonville, Ark., the home of Walmart.

The Clearwater plant at 11399 47th St. N, which has been used by KEE for the last seven years, closed Thursday.

In a letter to the state, Robinson said employees will not be required to report for work unless requested to help decommission the facility. Employees will continue to receive pay and benefits until March 31.

After the layoffs, KEE will have about 170 employees remaining between Canada, a small office in the United Kingdom, and multiple distribution centers around the United States, including nine employees in sales and distribution in Tampa Bay.

MacDev dropping ANS Gear

27 January 2014 - 01:23 PM

Looks like MacDev is dropping ANS Gear as a distributor for repeated violations of their MAP policy. Interesting look at some of the channel management issues that come up for a manufacturer.


CP Barrel, CP On/Off, CCM Pump Handle

22 January 2014 - 09:33 PM

The barrel is still available!

All items are adult owned and in great shape. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Not looking for any trades…the idea is for me to have less gear, not more. Thanks for looking!
Barrel: Custom Products 1-Piece Classic
Bore size(s): .685
Condition: 9/10. Inside finish and threads are perfect. A few tiny exterior marks that are barely noticeable and don't affect performance.
Color and finish: Dust Black
Barrel/tip length: 14 inches
Threads: Autococker
One or Two Piece: One
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: $25 shipped, CONUS only
Shipping Options: USPS.
Trades of interest: None.
Location of item: Massachusetts
What is Included: Barrel.
Item: Custom Products 2K5 Dovetail On/Off ASA, Dust Black
Condition: 9/10. Works perfectly. Minor screw marks in dovetail area from previous use. These marks will not be visible when installed on a gun.
Known Problems: None
Shipping Options: USPS.
Trades of interest: None.
Location of item: Massachusetts
What is Included: ASA, with 90 degree swivel macro fitting installed on the right side, plug installed on the left. Ready to play.
Item: CCM Delrin Pump Handle with Guide Plate, Black.
Condition: I’ll say 9/10 because it’s not brand new, but it’s close to it.
Known Problems: None.
Shipping Options: USPS.
Trades of interest: None.
Location of item: Massachusetts
What is Included: Pump handle, with guide plate installed.

Contour: Back from the dead?

30 November 2013 - 02:51 PM

Looks like sports-cam company Contour has been purchased and might be back in business soon:


“We are pleased to inform you that Contour has been purchased by Clarke Capital Partners and is in the process of relaunching the business under new leadership. As a result we believe that customers will benefit from the continued development of world-class cameras and accessories. We also look forward to supporting our retail partners with a dramatic improvement in marketing programs. This restructuring should be completed in the next few weeks and will result in a seasoned and focused leadership team intent on building the Contour brand and continuing to develop world-class cameras and accessories.”