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25 August 2009 - 12:15 PM

Hey whats up TechPB, i'm no noob when it comes to playing but i'm completely clueless on anodizing. im hoping to anno my ego 8 or if i save enough money and do the cash 4 clunkers, an ego 9 and i was wondering what companies do a good job or which ones to stay away from.

High School Ballers

14 August 2009 - 02:18 AM

Yeah, i figured i'd make a club so this is what i thought of, a place to talk about balancing your schoolwork and your paintball life.
This club is for anyone who is currently in high school or will be when this year's school year starts.To join just simply post your High School's name and what grade your in.

I'll start, my high school's name is Northern Valley Regional High School and I'll be a junior.

Currently # of members: 55

President: proballa36 (Junior)1

VP: GasParoV (Sophomore)2

oscarominous (Sophomore)3
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Ajak (Sophomore)8


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ibunkeru666 (Senior) 52

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pinkyy (Junior)10
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Jester (Junior) 15
mnpaintball (Junior) 16
DenverRyan (Junior) 23
xmodfreak2011 (Junior) 26
SOUP (Junior) 29
dyeballa16 (Junior) 39
J. Nez (Junior) 42
cavemag (Junior) 51

Class of 2012 (Who suck)
ShortestMoney (Sophomore)9
TECH (Sophomore)11
WhatsHisFace (Sophomore)12
U83R 1337 (Sophomore)13
orientalflava (Sophomore) 17
3migo (Sophomore) 18
speedwoods39 (Sophomore) 20
808paintballah (Sophomore) 27
TXStorm (Sophomore) 28
**Peachie** (Sophomore) 31
Nobben #44 (Sophomore) 35
NJunderdogNJ (Sophomore) 44
BOOM (Sophomore) 47
Brenden (Sophomore)55

Class of 2013
skippy35 (Freshman) 19
Divus_Pennae (Freshman) 22
arjuns (Freshman)24
iktpq14 (Freshman) 32
slgballa94 (Freshman) 33
leedistrict3 (Freshman) 37
xMTx (Freshman) 38
Blastman (Freshman) 41
paintballer4life360 (Freshman) 43
sportsaremylife7 (Freshman) 45
msdtyu (Freshman) 48
FacePainter (Freshman) 50
bigballa (Freshman) 53
CAW58 (Freshamn) 54

WTB/T Dye i4's

23 July 2009 - 06:39 PM

looking to buy, or preferably trade my reversed red grillz for red i4's i will add up to $20 depending on the condition.

HPA filling?

02 May 2009 - 03:47 PM

thats when they attach their tank to the hose connected to the fill station, press a button or pad or w.e. and wait for the tank to be filled to its limit... be careful never ever attach a 3000 psi tank to a 4500 compressor or that will def cause trouble...

Ego 8 DOWN

29 March 2009 - 06:00 PM

My ego 8 went down when i went to play yesterday, i heard it leaking from the body and the field tech said he thought it was the diaphragm, not sure what that is for one and then when i went to air it up after i got home i think i aired it up too fast and blew and O-ring at the bottom of the reg. maybe i'm just not destined for an ego but could ne one help?