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In Topic: What gun should i get?

25 February 2010 - 09:06 PM

good choice

In Topic: what is the reconmended lube for a azodin marker

09 February 2010 - 08:11 PM

please no one use lube on poppits i beg of you it will only ruin it

if you need lube for your reg get hater sauce or marmelade

but as for all around marker use planet eclipse oil i think spyder makes a cheap oil and im affraid to use it on my guns but my friend uses remoil
rifle oil and it hasnt fucked his stuff up yet


In Topic: Bolt action cocker project

29 October 2009 - 08:17 PM

try to get a cheap kp its a closed bolt pump and just edit from there

might work might not

In Topic: Cleaning?

27 October 2009 - 09:21 PM

never lube the bolt

pull the cocking pin up slide the bolt out

take off the barrel

open eye covers

clean eyes carefully and dont lose the detents

unscrew the back cap on the gun remove spring and striker buffer(the little black rubber piece)

tilt the gun backwards and lightly hit the open hole in the back until the striker comes out(big black thing)

get some paintball gun oil not lube (lube is for spoolies oil is for poppits)

lube the striker o-ring

put the striker back in the same way you took it out, with the hole up, turn your marker on and pull the trigger to set the striker

put the spring back in and the buffer over it

screw the back cap back on

put the detents and eye covers back on

use a squeegee to clean the barrel and put it back on

put the bolt back on

and your done

In Topic: 400 - 500 $ setup

26 October 2009 - 08:45 PM

im getting an Azodin zenith, ans 68/45 w/myth reg/ nxe cheap pack(its on ans look on nxe affordable packs or something like that)/ proto el switch mask / and an invert too loader


comes to 491 all on ans gear you dont need a jersey or pants right away but when you get you first soft good get a good pair of pants you can survive in a long sleeve walmart shirt for a while