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Diet No-no

12 January 2009 - 03:46 PM

The easiest way to cut out a giant portion of almost every paintballers malnutrition diet....Is to give up soda.

The easiest way to do it, is in increments

As an ex-soda guzzler myself... I learned when I attempted giving it all up at once, I would fail every time and go right back to the old habits.

BUT, if you set a limit to yourself for lets say a month....then the next month, Decrease that limit, and so on and so forth...Until you are at NO Soda for a month....you will find it much easier...

Some people even have headaches if they take all that caffeine away at one time.
So an incremental decrease is a win win.

Also, When I found myself thirsty at home and looking for a soda, I would make myself a Protein shake. Now its even more beneficial.

Protein I recommend would be Cyto-Gainer.

Other drinks (Non-Soda)
-Tea (Sweet or Un)
-Any other non carbonated drink is a good bet.

*Just a tip, its something small, but you will come to realize your stamina will increase tremendously and you will even FEEL better. Like you are in Better shape, cause you are.