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Speed feed for a Revvy

08 July 2010 - 01:52 PM

I apologize if this is in the wrong section but, where can I find a speedfeed for my VL Revolution? I lent it to a friend a few months ago and when he got shot the lid broke at the hinge so, instead of buying another lid (which I can't find anyway) I figured I'd go for a speedfeed. I'd really like to get one that fits on the hinge and is not too soft in fact the harder the better. I'm not going to be using this in game very often so, I really just want something to keep my paint from flying everywhere. Thanks in advance.

the necessity of sliding

05 July 2010 - 04:00 PM

I've been thinking lately about sliding in relation to paintball (airball specifically) and I'm wondering how necessary it really is. For example, I see a lot of guys that run to a back corner and do these dramatic slides, which they almost always over shoot, and give up the chance to run and gun off break. Is it just that they're trying to get to the corner as fast as possible? I know front players use sliding and diving as a way to get under lanes but, back guys don't really have those issues. I was practicing with 2 Division 2 teams on saturday and I played mostly back and mid and I could easily run to a corner, tower or back can (on the NPPL DC layout) without sliding. I am in no way fast but, I just ran there without being shot. It just seems silly to waste time diving to a back corner, not to mention the possibility of injury and/or being shot when over sliding. Thoughts?

Oh and I don't play Division 2, one of those teams recently formed a pump branch and that's what I'm part of. Unfortunately, there were only our two pump players (myself +1) on saturday so, we practiced altogether.

Quick vid of dis/reassembling a mag

04 June 2010 - 04:54 PM

This is a quick little video I threw together. I'm planning on getting a nicer camcorder here soon and making more videos. Hope you like it.

LNIB GA 48/45 with G2!

08 March 2010 - 07:33 PM

decided to keep, please delete

Donate to a charity, get a free 2 paintball mags!

13 January 2010 - 11:36 PM

Hello, TechPb! As I'm sure you've heard there's been a major earthquake in Haiti. Haiti is a poor country and a lot of great organizations are doing their part to help. NOW, what does this have to do with you? Well, I'm sure you like paintball and reading (as you are on an online forum) and I'm sure you're a some-what decent person....so, what I'm proposing is that if you donate to either the Red Cross or the Doctors without Borders I'll ship you a 2 free paintball magazines! So in layman's terms:

1) You send me a PM showing that you donated to either groups (I need some proof, a receipt or screen shot will do)

2) Include your address in the same PM.

3) I grab 2 paintball magazines and send them to you!

I'll keep doing this until I run out of money or magazines!

P.S. I AM NOT taking ANY donations, at all. Don't send me any money...

P.S.S. Magazines will be old issues, starting from maybe 2004 of 2005.