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Ugh. This sucks.

02 March 2010 - 04:31 PM

So over my February vacation, I spent the last week in Miami with my friend, my sister, and her friend. I was there for like 6 days, going down there on Thursday during vacation, and coming back on Wednesday of the next week. This was fine, I didn't mind, except I decided that I wouldn't do any homework while I was down there. (Not my brightest idea, but hey. I had a good time. :D)

Now that plan would have gone great if I didnt
a.) Forget the book that I was supposed to read in english down there that I hadn't started yet, and
b.) Have an asshole of a spanish teacher.

Now, lets start with part A, and I apologize ahead of time for my wall of test.
By the time vacation was over, I was supposed to have read up to chapter 7 in Lord of the Flies. I hadn't read any. My teacher recognized that this, but wasn't about to slow the pace of the whole class because I'm a dumbass, which I can fully understand. So my grandmother in Florida mails my book back to me in MA, which took about three days. I got it on Saturday, which was a jam-packed day for me and I didn't have time for anything. By this time, I was supposed to have read up to chapter 9. By the end of the night around midnight, I was on Chapter 2. Now, I'm on like Chapter 9. I have 4 more chapters to read for tomorrow and I'm a slow-ass reader. FML.

Now for part B, my Spanish teacher
I come back from vacation, and she has me take a test on new things we had just started talking about before we left for vacation. Recognizing that I was on vacation, she demanded that I take the test because it was "my responsibility to get the assignments" (Most of which were handouts. Um, hello?) Then, she told me that I needed to make up an oral assignment during my study period, which was fine because I hardly ever get anything done in my study period anyway, and I was already in her study. So I sat in my study, watching her and waiting for her to call me up. I didn't want to disrupt what she was doing, because she'd yell at me for being rude and shoot me back to my seat. (I've seen her do it to other people before.) So I sit, and sit, and sit. She never calls me up, so I assume that she just wanted me to make it up after school instead, because she seemed pretty busy. Later in the day while I have class with her, she calls me up and tells me that I'll be getting a zero on my assignment because I left my study and never came back, and didn't make it up, which wasn't true at all. I was sitting there the whole time, second row from the front. I tried to argue, but she sent me back to my seat. Fuck. her.

Yep, /rant

DM6 ASA leak

22 September 2009 - 05:42 PM

Okay, I just got a new DM6. I bought it with a few problems, mainly just a couple of leaks, so I put it through my local tech. Their objective was just to make it shoot, which they did. When I got it back, it still had two small leaks. One out the macroline fitting, and one out of this tiny whole on the ASA (Dye Airport, I believe.) I fixed the leak coming from the fitting, and now I am just left with the ASA leak. For those of you familiar with these ASAs, again which I believe to be Dye Airports, it is the small whole closest to the knob for the On/Off. Also, when I unscrew the knob to turn the ASA off, A lot of air blows out of this whole. I'm not exactly sure whether this is supposed to happen or not. Give me some feedback, I'm not too familiar with this marker yet.

(Warning, expect to see many F-Bombs in this post)

25 July 2009 - 02:15 PM

Okay, I've got the Proto SLG 08 and the fuckin' thing, seriously!

So currently, I've been trying to use my SLG and the sear would trip while it is aired up, but the bolt wouldn't cycle. I figured out that it was because I fucked with my regulator while taking it apart, so I screwed the velocity adjuster all the way in and then unscrewed it a lot. Well, the bolt is cycling now, but the fucking thing makes a noise that is as loud as fuck, the fuckin' purge button won't push in, and its pissing me off! It just seems like when there isnt one thing wrong with it, its another. I wanted to play tomorrow, but its looking now as if that is out of the question. I've also got a slight leak coming from the macroline/ASA area. I'm not about to bring it to my proshop and have them fix it for $20. (Another thing, $20 just for labor? What the fuck?)

I'd appreciate any helpful responses. I posted this here instead of Equipment Advice, etc., because I just really had to vent about this.


Possible Money Order

22 July 2009 - 06:16 PM

Okay, heres the deal. I'm fourteen years old and don't have a credit card, so therefore, I cannot make a PayPal account. I would ask my parents to let me use theirs, but they're not exactly very supportive of my paintball play. I have the money, I could easily get a stamp and mail my money where need be, I'm just wondering if we could make this hapen. I will follow any and all directions that I am given, I just really want to be able to join the Players' Club. I don't care whether Mike would take my money order, or if a member with a PayPal account would be able to accept my money and PayPal it to Mike.

If somebody would like to work something out with me, you can either contact me via PMs, or just post in this thread.


Cockerpunk On TechPB Radio Moday 7/6

04 July 2009 - 06:28 PM

We should take a vote to see how many people ask Cockerpunk what "warpfeeding" means.