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30 December 2011 - 02:18 AM

Even though I don't post here as much anymore. I am always looking on and cheering for you guys. I love you all. Happy holidays boys.


07 August 2011 - 12:18 AM

I feel I need to be up front about this, since I've been thinking a lot about it, and trying to come to reason about it. I thought that maybe it was an initial reaction to me feeling insulted at their behavior at the team meeting, and that I'd cool down after a while. It seems that it wasn't just an initial heat that I was feeling.

Considering Alex's history when it comes to employment, and his issues with commitment and consistency, I think you guys are setting yourselves up for more disappointment of the same flavor. Sure, he said that this is his job now. However how in the hell can that have any merit to it, hold any water at all, considering that he was dismissed from his employment at NYCPB after losing his job at Stingray. People will say a lot when they're hungry.

I know this isn't the fun-loving encouraging spirit-lift that you guys may want. I know that some (or all) of you won't like me for it. I don't really mind that, since this practice of everyone nodding their heads in politeness just needs to stop. So it ends here. It ends with me. Yeah, the rants about how everyone needs to pick themselves up as players and a team is all fine and dandy. The talk of how everyone is going to be dedicated to everything is all fine and dandy. A big stern kick in the pants to get things moving is fine and dandy.

However for me, having that happen, having everyone say that the bullshit has to stop and people need to be accountable for their responsibilities is something that doesn't just apply to the field. It does, and that's fine. People need to say "I screwed up, this was my wrongdoing", and not make excuses for their issues and bad choices. That's important. However what is also important is that people not sit back and watch and listen to nonsense being thrown their way just to be polite.

Again, you people may not like me for this, but I care enough about you as people to say it. I don't like it when anyone has wool pulled over their eyes, or are in a desperate situation, and have to subject themselves to being taken for a ride. That is what I see here. You guys are in a bad place, desperate for help and change, and any help, or any change is being seen as necessary, and something you should deal with. I don't agree. I never preferred a junk theory to no theory in science, and I don't prefer junk coaching to no coaching. I'm not a professional player. I'm just a funny guy with a camera. Take my words as you will, but know that I'm not going to be a politely silent person nodding his head at the fire hose of crap being sprayed on everyone.

What do you mean, "You people"? =P


13 July 2011 - 10:35 AM

Hey brohams,

This is short notice but I will be going back to Rochester in about 2 days. I just wanted to say how good it was to catch up with every one and meet all the new people. Right now in life I'm losing touch with paintball and in turn it seems that I see less and less of you guys. Anywho it was great to see how well the "new" team bonded and how the addition/subtraction of players didn't hurt the morale too much. You guys are doing really well. Making huge steps in terms of popularity and skill. Its funny to think that I was a part of this all because of a thread on pbnation.(Don't tell Willie I said that.) To change the current tone, this is not a i'm dying soon speech. Its more of I'll see you guys later so; I 'll fucking see you guys later. =)

PS: I won't get to see race this summer. But thats totally his fault. I have witnesses. lol.

- Romeo #19


15 June 2011 - 11:48 PM

Hey stick do you have the video from last Saturday. I wanna see that epic 1v1 between me and pump girl, and me playing D side.

Romeo - No you don't lol.. jk


omg. Am I really that fat? *pats stomach*


15 June 2011 - 11:49 AM

Hey stick do you have the video from last Saturday. I wanna see that epic 1v1 between me and pump girl, and me playing D side.