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In Topic: Poll Rotor vs Pinokio

27 September 2009 - 08:22 PM

its really not fair to say which one is BETTER b/c each one has advantages over the other. the ritor is smaller,more durable,faster,had a better lid,and persionally i think looks better. but the pinokio holds more paint,has a bigger prifile, and is better on batteries. i own both the pinokio and the rotor. i play snake so i love the rotor. the pinokio is more of a back players hopper, and the rotor is more of a front players/ someone who dives more. ive never done a superman with my pinokio b/c im 99% sure it'd break lol. but the pinokio is a good hopper, i can play games w/o reloading but the rotor i have to re load atleast once. you choose! you cant go wrong with eihter, but persionally i'd rather have a rotor.

In Topic: Poll Rotor vs Pinokio

27 September 2009 - 08:15 PM

i can see there differences but there not to big i think im going with a rotor as soon as my shop and feild open right now they look like this its classic paintball lithia springs ga
Posted Image

theres the pro shop

Posted Image

heres some of the feilds

you play there? im in snellville thats 45 min away from me

In Topic: What paintball gun should i get

24 September 2009 - 08:23 PM

SLG over everything you just listed. also, the g3 i have heard is good. i have an 09 pmr, if you can afford it(400$) its a solid gun.

In Topic: Hoppers

24 September 2009 - 08:16 PM

ive got a rotor and a pinokio. the rotor has jammed probably over 30 times over just 2 months of having it. most of which were DROP TESTS, while shooting i have had maybe 5 IF THAT. the pinokio has jammed ONCE and ive had it for months. and it jammed b/c of hott paint. the pinokio is great, but the rotor is even better. its small,light,easy to clean,has THE BEST LID EVER, and is fast as yo mama! get a rotor you wont regret it.

In Topic: think you have a bigger nitro tank? i bet not!

13 June 2009 - 07:23 PM

Jesus H. Christ dude.......where the Hell did you FIND that???

i got it off of paintballonline.com ehhh idk how long ago..with in the last year.

Damn....when's the lifespan expire?

it has a fresh hydro...it has 4 years left on it.

I've had it for a very long time. It was my first HP (nitro then) tank. I think I got it around 1990 or so. I got from a friend of mine that was down sizing to a 114ci tank, HA! I just measured the tank from top to bottom and is 16", 15" in diameter and weighs in at whopping 5.5 lbs. Its a newborn child!

ha dang man! i got mine last year...maybe 8 months ago or something? it has a fresh hydro on it.