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29 November 2008 - 09:36 PM


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29 November 2008 - 07:57 PM

u wont be dissapointed with either the rl has a different feedneck and some sick engraving might come with on/off not sure also comes with 4 eyes. it really is not worth the price u are better off geting a closer exp for 300 dollars less. all marqs shoot the same contrary to popular belief doesnt matter if u get a marq 7 a rapper closer or a marq 6 if they all had the same ups they would shoot exactly the same its personal preference. personally the little lpr knob does not bother me but thats just me.

heres some info i put together

one thing that is different between the marq 6 and other marqs is stock it does not have the lpr slot milled in the frame other then that they are all the same when it comes to internals unless of course u get the closer. which ppl have mentions has tadao board 4 eyes pillow bolt qd ram 3 piece barrel kit ball berring trigger and an on/off. The Exp is different between original closer because it no longer comes stock with 4 eyes has a one piece barrel and doesnt have an on/off. they will all shoot the same stock. marq 6 and 7 are generally the cheapest. They run about 325-400 stock and according to the ups rise in price. Almost all marqs come stock with a frenzy board. Except for closers with come with a tadao mushashi m8 board

marq 7, mummy,marq 6, dark marq, edge, rapper then closer
about same weight

specs and weights

marq 6 first production marq still amazing gun doesnít havenít milled lpr slot stock which makes it so u must remove frame to adjust lpr. u can send to blast to get in milled in, one piece barrel
around 2.1 pounds without barrel
lbs 2.1
Posted Image

marq 7 07 version of marq. has snatch grip and milled lpr slot stock still has 1 piece assassins barrel
lbs 2.2
Posted Image

mummies are different then normal marqs while they are still marqs it doesnít matter if u line up the holes upon reinsertion of engine back into body. it comes with 4 eyes hybrid trigger hybrid headloc snatch grip and hybrid on/off sometimes has hybrid reg. there was 3 different versions one was just called mummy which was the first I donít know the other order but the other 2 were hybucci mummy and traitor mummy
lbs 2.2
traitor Posted Image

hybucci Posted Image

darq marq similar to marq 6 or marq 7 except a little lighter just different milling less were made.
not sure on weight
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edge has closer trigger dual barring trigger 50 were made the milling is completely different and they are RARE
although they are no different then any other marq beside trigger
not sure on weight
Posted Image
rapper is lighter version of the marq 7 once again milled down with a new design 1 piece tournament series barrel.
has a little piece that sticks out right in front of reg some people donít care about this others do.
lbs 2.0
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closer lightest of them all comes stock with tadao mushashi m8 board closer dual bearing trigger 3 piece barrel kit qd ram pillow bolt and on/off
lbs 1.9
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closer exp just like original closer except doesnít have 4 eyes stock has one piece barrel and no on/off
lbs 1.9
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I am going buy this chart
bobthecow173/marqchartkopietp8.jpg[/img] [img]http://i75.photobuck...om/albums/i309/

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29 November 2008 - 07:52 PM

what i have seen the marq 6 go for is about 320 and below depending on ups the timmy seems pretty upped so u should be able to get around 570 out of them just keep waiting deals will come to u just because u pass up one does not mean another one wont come :)

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29 November 2008 - 04:54 PM

dont even need to buy them email blast and they should set u up with a new one

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22 November 2008 - 06:35 PM