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Longbow Kit and custon box mag

12 September 2011 - 09:26 PM

You need proper format and pics, your pics failed to appear hence the reason I never took further action than this. However you do need proper format for ALL items being sold on the BST, you've had a few issues with the BST rules lately so you need to tighten it up or else next time you'll likely land a ban.

Tiberius 9.1 Longbow Ranger

09 September 2011 - 10:26 PM

Hey TechPb, today I am trying to trade (or sell) my Tiberius arms 9.1 ranger with longbow kit.

Marker: Tiberius 9.1 ranger
Condition: 8.5/10 (nicks here and there, nothing major, no scratches) there is mag wear on all mags, one if beat, one not so much and one with barley any at all
Color: dust black
Upgrades: polished powertube, longbow kit, sling, tank stock
Known Problems: none other then mag wear and the red dot sights battery is dead
Asking Price: 750 O.B.O.!!! (seriously, offer but mainly looking for trades)
Shipping Options: Canada Post, FedEx(if i can find one) or ups
Trades of interest: G6r must have either pressure tester or slp(dust black or d.b. and red take priority) newer egos( nothing past 09) luxe
Location of item: Ottawa Ontario (Canada)
What is Included: 27 tubes (mix of 8 and 10 round but mostly 8), 3 mags, 3 longbow mags, longbow holster, military surplus mag holster (o.d. green), tiberius 9.1 rifle, tank stock, sling, crappy bipod/foregrip, original case with foam, original stock.

Willing to part the longbow kit, as a kit!

Tank size: 13
Tank / Reg manufacturer: tiberius (ninja i think)
Reg HP or LP: hp (with lp kit, i think nor know what is installed)
Condition:8/10 tank is scratched under the stock, nothing major, just scratches from sand
Born date: 2009
Re-test date: 2014
Area Stamps: DOT ( I dont see a TC stamp on it )
Known Problems: none, leaks out the fill nippel when theres less then like 300 psi in the tank
Asking Price: with the gun
Shipping Options: same as before
Trades of interest: same as before
Location of item: same as before
What is Included: same as before

http://imageshack.us...1/dsc0271q.jpg/ (if you can read that its the born date: 2009, but the number next to it is 13... last time i checked theres only 12 months...lol)
http://imageshack.us...ockeypaint.jpg/ If you lowball or offer lowends, you shall deal with the rath of my extremly vicious dog!

Everything will be cleaned to the best of my ability before being shipped out :)


23 August 2011 - 01:03 AM


For all my friends at the techpb booth, canpara squad and dre wolf. You guys know what im talking about :)

2004 e2blade autococker prostock

27 April 2011 - 08:57 PM

hey techpb, today i am trying to sell my 2004 autococker prostock with e2blade. This gun has been very reliable to me both on and off the feild! I am trying to sell this because i am looking for something that is different and more modern. i bought this marker intending for it to be a fun challenge, which it was. werer I live there are only a few other people that have markers simmilar to this and this thing is deadly silent throwing 13 bps at others and them not knowing were they came from.

Marker: 2004 autococker prostock with e2blade
Condition: 8/10
Color: gloss black
Upgrades: e2blade, 16" freak kit, cp asa and rail, belrin bolt
Known Problems: minor scratches, grips worn in places
Asking Price: 300 obo
Shipping Options: canada post, ups
Trades of interest: CASH IS KING, 2 for 1 ccm t2 tiberius t8.1 package( min 2 mags), or dust black g6r ( 2 for 1 and cash)
Location of item: Ottawa Onatrio Canada
What is Included: Marker, barrel kit, and some mech parts.

http://img52.imagesh...i/dsc0266g.jpg/ (the ass who owned this before me had a bad bolt and didnt bother to try to fix the bolt so in return it scratched the shit our of the top tube, it dose not effect the preformance what-so-ever)

2004 autococker Prostock

27 April 2011 - 08:10 PM

Hey techpb, today i am trying to sell one of my cockers... This one is in a near operational state werer it just needs a back block and bolt pin.

Marker: 2004 autococker prostock
Condition: 7/10
Color: gloss red
Upgrades: 12" freak, delrin bolt
Known Problems: needs backblock, bolt pin. minor scratches, major on the feedneck.. there is a section of the barrel cut out due to that side being cruched.
Asking Price: 120
Shipping Options: canada post, ups
Trades of interest: CASH IS KING, 2 FOR 1 CCM T2. 2 mags, might add) sp1 blackheart, or dust black g6r (would do a 2 for 1 and cash)
Location of item: Ottawa Ontario Canada+
What is Included: Marker, freak