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In Topic: Tempted..

29 May 2013 - 05:48 PM

A cheap used pump is a good choice, because pumps resale generally doesn't fluctuate to much.

That and pump is cheaper, and if you can have the same amount of fun for less why wouldn't you?

In Topic: Hawaiian style?

06 March 2013 - 10:29 PM

Never understood why people liked Hawaiian style. Not that I have anything against it, I just don't know why people like it

In Topic: Ive thought about getting a pump

06 March 2013 - 10:27 PM

it seems like pumps are better .

Pumps are worse in most ways. That's the reason we use them. Its a mechanical disadvantage. If you want a pump thinking its an advantage in most ways, you're barking up the wrong tree. That being said, snipers from the BST are the most common entry gun to pump play.

In Topic: Azodin kaos pump vs. Empire trracer

01 December 2012 - 02:02 PM

I would...

So when we get a body milled and put CCM parts on it, we have designed a gun? No.

So the axe was created using existing parts? And the empire snipers were made from CCM parts? I don't think so...
Either way, not about to have a repeat of the last "argument"...

In Topic: Azodin kaos pump vs. Empire trracer

28 November 2012 - 04:32 PM

Funfact: Empire's Trracer, Sniper, and Axe were all designed by the same person.

Only if you consider cosmetics, relatively minor performance tuning, and appropriation of previously existing aftermarket parts and ideas to be "designing" ...

I would...

On another note, I hate to do it but I would have to agree with the others in that you should attempt to find a used Sniper 2 or something of that nature. Just about any converted autococker is going to be as good or better than an AKP or a traccer. However, it also depends on if you like nelson valves or not. If so, then I would attempt to get a used phantom.