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Air strike?

28 January 2010 - 07:52 PM

Cool, yeah?

Physics and paintball

16 January 2010 - 03:19 PM

We all know that paintballs do not always break because they are bad or they just don't hit a surface hard enough at the correct angle.
To help us understand how to make paintballs break on other players and bounce off of us we will be looking at the Impulse and Momentum branches of physics.
It will be quite difficult because there are other things that must be understood before understanding Impulse and Momentum.

Impulse is the change in the momentum of a paintball.
This change happens because a force acts on the paintball over time.
The force that is acting on our paintball is our targets mask, pod pack, jersey, ect.
The time in our discussion is how long it takes for the paintball to reach a velocity of 0fps

The higher the impulse the more time it takes for a paintball to hit 0fps
The lower the impulse the less time it takes for a paintball to hit 0fps
When a paintball hits a brick wall it takes very little time to reach 0fps and it breaks
When a paintball hits a loose jersey it takes a longer time to hit 0 fps and it bounces

I = Impulse
F = Force
t= time

This equation can be used to find the impulse of a paintball hitting your opponent:
I = F X t

By finding the force of a paintball we can find the force at which it hits our target.
I've already done the math and the average force of a perfect 3.5g paintball
in a vacuum with a constant speed of 91.44m/s (300fps) is .32004N

If we plug that in we get this:
I = .32004 X t

Let's pretend we have discovered the Impulse at which a paintball breaks and it is equal to "?"
? = .32004 X t

If we discover the Impulse at which a paintball breaks we will also discover the
maximum stopping time a paintball will break at.
Once we find the max impulse a paintball will break at (a.k.a. the breaking force),
as long as our gear takes GREATER THAN "t" seconds to slow the paintball to 0fps it is a guaranteed bounce/catch.

Of course we can't really measure how long it takes for our gear to slow down the paintball but companies
could hire physicists to help creat gear that increases bounce numbers.

*This will not be incerdibly accurate at long distances because I left out gravity, air resistance, and angle/height of trajectory,
but it would still work because the circumstance I set up for was a pointblank shot which has larger chance of the paintball breaking on impact.

Ways you can increase bounces/catches is by wearing baggy jerseys and pants.
Not sagging pants, btu baggy, loose pants. Flexible masks will also cause more bounces because
they give and increase the time of deacceleration.

Invert Mini Part 49/50 Broken (Female Air Transfer Tube)

17 August 2009 - 06:49 PM

So with the Invert Mini there is a bit of a problem with part # 49
http://rjskatebpp.10...opic.php?t=1453 (Schematics)
Part 50 breaks from part 49 very easily if the regulator body is loose. I got this part replaced with one from my local shop they developed themselves after much testing. I'm not sure but I think I was told bythe owner, John, that they might strike a deal and sell nationaly because this part they created is so much stronger and better. I was sold the first one ever at the field on Sunday, yesterday, when I went to him and asked him if he could fix what I thought was the problem. And he did by selling me this piece that is much much stronger than the stock piece. So for anyone who has had a problem with this part breaking, there may be hope in the future if he starts to sell these things for real, the one I bought was one of their first ones made after they were done testing and they aren't selling them yet but they might start.

Painted a picture

25 April 2009 - 08:08 PM

Check out his other works, they're amazing. Personally love the Jimi Hendrix.

Barrel Lube

23 April 2009 - 08:37 PM

I've got some old trumpet grease and oil (different thigns). It is form about 3 years ago when I was in Jr High band. Would it work for bolt lube? The stuff is meant for 300$ - 5000$ instruments made of brass. I need to lube up my bolt badly and can't get any for this weekend form the store cos they're outa stock.