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WTB: FASOR Parts! Odyssey, Diablo, Rex, Cocker and more!

17 June 2012 - 08:28 PM

Looking at another FASOR project (been on a FASOR binge of sorts lately) and I'm in need of some key components...

Looking for a threaded ram/back cap assembly from an Odyssey/Diablo/Rex FASOR (ram cap, ram, return spring, ram sleeve if applicable)
Preferably from a Diablo Wrath or any ram assembly that is threaded and has a flat back
DO NOT WANT: Odyssey RPM ram assembly

Dust Black purge on/off asa and rail
Like new/minimal damage please!

I will update as parts come in and as I remember/find out I need more stuff

Items that have been bought!
Evil Detonator Reg
DP Fusion F7/F8 Solenoid
Odyssey RPM Trigger Frame
Dangerous Power Fusion F7 Trigger Frame
Dust Black 05/06 Ego Feedneck
Autococker LPR

WTB: ANS X5 Autococker

25 May 2012 - 11:32 PM

Like the title says, I would like to get one
More specifically, the body and eye covers; don't need the frame or a pump kit or pneu's, just the body and eye covers

Solid black preferred, but post up any other color combo's you might have!

Please post here and/or PM me with offers!

Odyssey RPM Overhaul

19 May 2012 - 07:20 PM

So I'm taking an Odyssey RPM and I'm tricking it out with an LPR and a Dye Hyper 2, and steel detents
Maybe I'll make a pillow bolt for it too, I'd like to, but that would be much later in the build

So far, I took the crappy brass barb out from under the body and plugged the hole with a hex screw
That barb used to take the HPR pressure to drive the ram, but now I'm rerouting the plumbing for the LPR using the stock lower tube cap
Posted Image
Posted Image

Also got the Vertical ASA to fit flush with the bottom of the RPM

Posted Image

Posted Image

Detent holes have also been enlarged and now fit the steel bearings I have
Posted Image

Got the plug tapped and ready to go!
Posted Image

Got the magnet installed, and I'l loving the way the trigger feels besides its horrible side to side slop
Posted Image

Also I found that the closest Spyder trigger that could work would be the VS Series triggers, but they are too long and the stop screw is a bit too high up to use with this marker. If I ever feel like going all out (which maybe soon since I like the way the CP triggers feel), I may pickup a CP trigger and mod it to work with the RPM.

And with everything assembled, she actually looks pretty nice if I do say so myself
Posted Image

Virtue Board
J&J Edge Elite Barrel Kit (fits with the LPR in place!)
Upgrade Bolt (or so the interweb says?)
Modded for Ball Bearing Detents
LPR Mod with WGP Bullet LPR
Dye Hyper2 Reg
Warrior ASA
Trigger Shimmed
Magnetic Trigger Return

Soon I'll go out and get some air to try her out and hopefully get her tuned

Huge Doggie collar/belt?!

24 January 2012 - 04:32 PM

I thought that all you pet people on here might enjoy this

I started a small venture called 550 for Fighters, and not too long ago, I got an order for a collar to fit a 22" neck
I promptly asked if he had measured correctly, and he confirmed that he did.

I made the collar to his specs, and after looking at it, the thing was massive
Posted Image

It was so big, I wondered how much larger it was on my own dog
After placing it around her neck, it was obvious that it was ridiculously large as a collar, but maybe it could pass as a belt?
Posted Image

After the collar arrived to the buyer, he took a picture of it on his dog, and it looks just like a regular width collar, and not a wide.
His dog is huge too!
Posted Image

Moral of the story?
Not sure, but it was interesting to make a collar large enough to fit around my own dog's tummy

WTB: Odyssey RPM, o2, Rex Type-R, or similar!

17 January 2012 - 02:20 AM

I'm on the prowl for a new fun marker to shoot!

All I need it to do is shoot! It can be beat to hell, but as long as it shoots, or can get to shooting condition with minimal work, I'm in!

Looking for one of the following:
Odyssey o2
Odyssey RPM (unmodded please)
Rex Type-R
Other similar FASOR markers

Not looking to spend much more than $100, and the colors black and red are a bonus
Beatup markers and markers not in shooting condition will not be considered for full price

Please post or PM pictures as well!