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Fake Camera Guy= Epic Win

22 March 2011 - 01:43 AM

Someone please embed this,its funny as hell

Navy Blue Dye NT10 FST

19 March 2011 - 06:26 PM


Marker: Navy Blue NT10
Condition: 9.9/10 Nothing Wrong at all. Not a scratch
Color: Navy blue?
Known Problems: None.
Asking Price: $899 obo
Shipping Options: anything. ill pay for priority but if u want overnight ill do it if u pay me.
Trades of interest: anything..... literally anything with cash or ill add
Location of item: Bay Area CA 925
What is Included:Everything new. Even the friggin sticker.

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Too show you how new it is. here is the sticker still attached to the case
Posted Image

Dye nt asa problem

11 March 2011 - 12:56 AM

just bought an nt today, and when i went to plug in my tank it hit the back of the frame. nob iggy, i will move the asa back.
long story short i took this piece out

Posted Image

and now i cant get it back in this hole

Posted Image

it wont air up without it. the hole on teh left..... gosh my hands look girly

Want a CHEAP highend

27 February 2011 - 02:15 PM

I got cash in paypal bring me your highends if you want cash in your pocket.

Im not going to pay regular retail. Bring to me cheap

E.G. dont bring me a ego 8 for $425

E.G. do bring me a luxe for $600

I will buy pretty much any gun if its cheap enough. If it is broken simply state what is wrong with it.

E.G. "Geo in sig for $250, broken noid."

Like New Small Dye C8 Knee Pads

24 February 2011 - 01:33 AM


Item:Dye c8 knee pads
Condition: used once, so 9.5/10
Known Problems: none
Asking Price: $25 shipped
Shipping Options: Usps priority. its free. if u want overnight be my guest. pay me for it.
Trades of interest: anything
Location of item:BAY AREA
What is Included:THe knee pads. Two of em. one for each knee

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