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Team Fortress 2- Medic plays speedball

09 July 2012 - 09:01 PM

dunno how to embed videos here, so here is the link

Video took way too long to make, but it was worth it. Also the field is based off, my local field



Awesome Invert Mini

07 August 2011 - 07:28 PM

This is my beloved Invert Mini, works awesome and has never let me down, the reason I'm selling it is because I'm saving up for an Empire Axe.
Invert Halo too works great, and will not have any trouble keeping up with the mini, I'll add the hopper for an extra 20 bucks. so 240 for a mini and an invert too is a great deal :)
paypal only please
Marker: Invert Mini
Condition: Like new 8.5/10
Color: Black
Upgrades: Violent Trigger
Known Problems: None, works like a charm!. The barrel sock is starting to un-stitch though.
Asking Price: 240+ shipping. OBO
Shipping Options: UPS, continental US
Trades of interest: Money/dosh/lods emone/ mucho dinero por favor, beaucoup d'argent. Other than that, no trades.
Location of item: North San Antonio
What is Included: Gun, Barrel, Stock trigger, instructions, little toolbox, invert too hopper

YOUR CHOICE OF EITHER BLACK OR GREY BARREL (Bought the Axe and I prefer to keep the black barrel, but it's your choice. Silver barrel is brand new though)

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Moving to Canada

05 July 2011 - 02:10 AM

Alright, so my parents have applied for a permanent residence card and we plan on moving next year, before the school year begins, i've got a few questions about Canada.

How are the prices there, like paint and stuff, I've heard it's a bit more expensive than in the US.
Family wants to move to either Toronto or Ontario, what are some good fields there?

And some non paintball related stuff.
By the time we move, I'll be a senior. How are the High school over there? I mean; difficulty quality of public schools etc. do you wear uniforms in public schools??
Any big differences from the US?
I'm from Texas, so I can imagine my first winter to be a pain. how bad does it get in the Ontario/Toronto area?

I probably have more questions but I can't really think straight at 2:00 am. Anyways, thanks in advanced. :)

Oh yeah, French is it commonly spoken outside of Quebec, or is it only there? (By the time i leave I'll have two years of french class and it would be cool to actually use it, lol)