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DIY leg holster

30 April 2012 - 12:57 AM

alright my fellow budget ballers, i have decided to create my own home made leg holster for my Piranha USP pistol and while i'm at it i figured i would share how i plan to do this. now i know that this guide is for the USP, however this guide can be adapted for any of the older paintball pistols out there. note that a holster that already fits your gun will be required for this project. we will be simply modding it to attact at the leg rather than at the hip on a belt.

here is the list of tools ill be using/ you'll need:

measuring devises: ruler/yard stick, AND measuring tape (tailor's tape)
Marking Device: pen/marker (pencil will not work for most of the work)
straight edge
Sewing needle and thread.

NOW, onto the materials that will be used.

First you will need to choose a material for the base of the holster platform. (you can use any heavy weight materail you want the heavier/ stiffer the better)

ive chosen to use some buffalo leather that i have lying around as my base.

next you will need an old airsoft pistol holster (you will see why, later on.) if you cant get one of these, then you will need some sew on velcro tabs and some extra web strapping.

also you will need a 2 inch wide web strap about a foot worth give or take (bigger ppl will need more than smaller ppl) and the buckles that go with it.

you will need a smaller size web strap for the leg straps. width is up to you. i will be isng either half inch or one inch, whichever works better.

now that we have our materials list, we can begin!

*note* this guide will be updated as i progress myself in the project. so expect minor delays here and there. plese be patient and enjoy!! *note*

alright im back and ready to begin.

*note* i will be using my own measurments in the examples, now i am of average build (5' 5" 130lbs) so if you are of similar size you may be able to use my measurements for your holster however i recommend jsut measuring yourself anyway. *note*

Step one: using your tailor's measuring tape, wrap it around your thigh and make a note of that measurment. then divide that number by 2.

this is the length of your leg platform.

my numbers were 20, so my leg platform will be 10 inches long. take a piece of paper and mark the center of your holster length. (also make a fold along this point)

Posted Image

next fold your paper lengthwise. this give you the center point of your platform. also mark this with a pencil/marker.

Posted Image

now its time to make a critical decision, how tall you are going to make your platform. this is all a matter of personal preference, however too tall will impair your movement, and too small will result in a platform that isnt very sturdy. so choose wisely.

ive chosen to go with 6 inches. so now that you have your height decided, we divide that number in 2, and make evenly spaced marking on either side of your pattern.

the easyest way to do this is to take your ruler and set the halfway point right on your center line like this:

Posted Image

then take a straight edge and draw a line across for each side.

once that's done, connect the lines on either side and cut alone those lines and fold length wise again.

starting at the fold, draw and cut an arc at both ends (this will help prevent the emds from catching too much) you can use a comass to do this but its not required, just get them close.

Posted Image
Posted Image

after cutting

Posted Image

alright, thats it for the paper pattern. now we are ready to begin actual construction of the leg holster!

all you have to do from here is trace and cut this patter on the materials you will be using for your holster.

at the moment i cant find the leather i had originally planned on using for this project so i will be using some waterproof backed denim like material i had left ofer from my ghillie suit project as well as some "Pullon" brand extra firm backing from walmart to give it some extra support. i dont yet know how many layers on the pullon i will use likely between 3-4 layers of pullon, 2 laywers of waterproof denim and finally a inner layer of Faux Leather to give the leg platforn some "bite" so it doesnt slide around as much againts my pant leg.

ok here are the 6 pieces i will be using. i may be adding another green piece at the back but i haven't decided yet.
Posted Image

now for the remainder of this guide the white material will be referred to as "filler" because i know im spelling it wrong lol

now arrange the pieces like this:

Posted Image

thanks for looking!


Modded Piranha USP Pistol

28 April 2012 - 06:27 PM

hello again, ive decided to re post my previous thread as it was rushed and poorly thought out.

after a bit of thinking and watching some other modding videos, i have decided to take my Piranha USP pistol and mod the hell out if it!
first i will be adding a home made bottomline kit. this will NOT use a dummy 12g, because i hate the idea. instead i will be using a 90* macro fitting that will be attached to the gas port. this will be dont by drilling and tapping the face of the gas port with the proper sized tap. im not sure with i will do with the excess space where the 12g originally went, feel free to share ideas on what i should do with that!

and next i wil be modding the trigger with a lighter spring (pen spring mod) i will mess around with a few sizes to see what i like best.other than that i will probably add a rail and on/off asa to this. i was also considering removing the magazine and adding a small feed neck (old style screw on spyder feen maybe) and adding a 50rd hopper or so.

questions, comments and concerns are always welcome!

i intend this to be a pic and vid heavy project!

lastly i would like to take a minute to dedicate this project to Borg, i was thinking about some of his videos today at work and thats what inspired me to attempt this.
R.I.P. Borg

Piranha USP postol mod

28 April 2012 - 04:23 PM

ok so im back from the dead! lol and im in a modding mood. so ive decided that i didnt like the cocking piece on my USP pistol moving every time i shot the gun, so i was trying to think of a way to make it work similar to an A5's charging handle, cock the gun then move back to original position...

but because that handle is connected to the bolt AND the striker, it wouldnt really help to simply slot the striker,

now if i understand correctly, (and please do corect me if i am not) slotting the striker would allow the gun to function in a closed-bolt manner yes? would this work ok, or should i devise a way to allow the charging handle to move forward without making the gun fire from a closed bolt.

thanks in advance.


piranha USP bottomline kit?

16 October 2011 - 03:55 PM

hey guys, got a sort of newbish question here. haha

so i have a pirnaha USP pistol and i see it has holes for a rail/bottomline on the bottom of the grip.
i was wondering if there were bottomline kits available for these or if they were a home made mod?

id rather know before i started cutting into my new gun lol

also, how and where did they attach to? i dont see how they could work.

thank everyone!


help with barrel tip thread size

13 October 2011 - 02:32 AM

i'm soon going to be in the possesion of a USP pistol and i was told that the barrel tip it comes with is from an Evil barrel and that only an Evil tip will fit the gun, my question is, is there another tip out there that has the same threads?

i know evil barrels are discontinued and i wanted to get a longer tip for the pistol.

any help would be appreciated.