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In Topic: Do I need any other gear?

20 July 2011 - 11:51 PM

Setup sounds fine I cant find anything else you would need other than some paint to get out and play. The only thing i would suggest is getting yourself a paint caddy, it saves a lot of hassle trust me. Eventually you may find that looking at a new loader is a wise idea but for now you should be good till your invert dies on you..

In Topic: Vice problem, need help

20 July 2011 - 11:43 PM

Thats the thing I keep bugging the store owner who sold me the gun to get a pressure tester but he says he cant find one. I live in a small town in ontario, canada so apparently they are hard to find. Im thinking about making a order on ansgear or a american paintball site, who would sell a vice pressure tester.

In Topic: Vice problem, need help

20 July 2011 - 11:33 PM

I dont have a pressure tester for the lpr, I shot it over a chrono and it wouldnt go higher than 100fps when i turned it up nothing happened

In Topic: Bob Long Vice LPR tester

14 July 2011 - 07:51 PM

Best bet is to go to your local proshop and ask around, someone in your area is bound to have a vice, it's a very common marker for experienced older players to have. Protege and vice lpr tester's are the same but the g6r tester screws into the lpr instead of the ram like the vice one should so i don't think this one would work, but I may be wrong

In Topic: g4 battery

11 July 2011 - 12:19 PM

Take the whole grip off, I had a g4 too, don't try and force it there is a lot of breakable materials in the grip frame especially the battery wires, be patient!