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Vice problem, need help

20 July 2011 - 11:21 PM

This past weekend my dad and i played speedball against a local team with our vices, when he he shot the gun balls barely made it 10 feet before dropping off. I thought it was the hpr on the cp reg so i turned the fps up as far as i could but still no change in ball speed. Could this be a problem with the reg or the gun itself. There was no leaking at all full 68/45 tank, you could hear the ram moving but very lightly. The bolt was fully engaged with the ram, does the LPR have anything to do with this.

However my vice shot perfect, never broke a single ball and is very comfortable to play with on the field. Whether i was playing snake or back the gun gelled great.

Thanks for any help

Billy Ball

09 July 2011 - 08:58 PM

Now im sure most of you have heard of this type of gameplay but i find that it really encourages young new players to come out and play paintball not leaving the field with 100 welts on their body. Billy Ball can be summed up by saying you have a marker that only shoots 1 ball every 2 seconds, now this makes the player actually use skill to hit a target instead of lighting up a bunker. This style is usually played on a speedball field, and it forces players to use strategy and tactics.

For new players in the game I suggest going to your local field and asking if they offer this type of game, if not encourage them to look into billy ball. Even veterans fit well here and make the game that much more exciting. Snap shooting is relied on heavily, especially at close range. I just got done playing and it was a blast!! Also you don't use near as much paint as if you were playing a normal public walk on. These are the types of game styles that are saving paintball from the idiots with heavy fire power lighting up new paintball players, it allows you to play longer while having a great time. Mike always makes comments on the dumbass shooting at 20bps at a walk on game, Billy ball takes this away and changes the entire mindset when on the field.

The reason i am posting this thread is to get some publicity out there for Billy Ball, as I strongly believe this encourages new players to come out which in return helps out the sport. Please read this and pass it on to people who may be interested.

Great game to look into! Cheers!

Buying a used vice (missing parts)

07 July 2011 - 04:45 PM

I am buying a black used vice from my proshop in Ontario, Canada and it has no barrel and it doesn't come with the original regulator, idk what the reg is but I wouldn't consider it an upgrade. He priced it at $300. Is this fair? (Canadian prices are higher than US) I am also buying a silver one barely used for 500, the pair is 800... Would this be considered a good deal for me? Or vice versa

Bob long Vice

06 July 2011 - 10:54 PM

My dad and I recently purchased two used bob long vices in good condition, one with only 2 cases through it. I was just wondering if anyone has/owned a vice that has any suggestions or things that I may need to know?

Thanks for any help

Used Vice... should i buy

06 July 2011 - 07:00 PM

my local proshop has a silver vice and they want 500 and a black one for 400. the black one looks to be heavily used (still in good condition, no barrel as well) but the silver vice has 2 cases through. Is this a good buy for these 2 vices, he does not know the year but they are newer models, within 2-3 years. If there are any other guns not used that i should be looking at if so what are they ( NOT the axe, any dp's, or anything else used) thanks for any help