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In Topic: Raza Paintball customer service :(

31 January 2012 - 02:05 PM

so i ordered a pair of their Gente Pants on DECEMBER 9 and paid in full. i waited a couple of weeks because of the holidays. than i contacted them they said that the shipped it. i waited another two weeks. still nothing. i called and emailed again, no response. i called ANOTHER time and they said my pants were in PRODUCTION not shipped to my house as said several WEEKS earlier. today i called again and they are refusing to give me the pants i ordered and making me choose a different pair after horrible service for the past 2 months almost. and on the phone they were giving me a hard time. has anyone else had any issues? because i have just lost my patients with this company :dodgy:

You never once requested a refund. We notified you that there was delays with the pants and offered you an alternative pair. If a refund was requested, we would GLADLY do so.

it's starting to be pretty standard procedure to order something from Raza, wait 3 additional months past the date it was supposed to arrive, demand a refund and the finally say "fine, we'll ship it"

This is absolutely untrue. Yes mistakes have been made, we will continue to learn from past mistakes and listen to our fans. Our company strives to be the leader in custom products and we invest a lot of time into our companies infrastructure. With that said, we will continue to make it easier, better, faster and the highest quality product in Paintball.