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telluride, CO

24 February 2009 - 07:55 AM

well in few hours i will be en route to Telluride, CO. It will only take a mere 20 hours from my side of the pond. I will not have time to pit stop to say Hi to Mike on the way, but you know, it is the thought which counts.

when i come back (in 10 days) i will do some video review on the skis i am taking here (a little bit like Mike does with equipment) : armada ARV & K2 silencer as well as a review on my lib tech magnetraction snowboard.

So if any of you are interested in skiing... in the meantime i hope that you play well, hard and most importantly have fun with it!!



23 February 2009 - 03:56 AM

Someone was keeping a tab on the Widowmakers advance on saturday but i did not find any updates on sunday.

Can someone tell me how well they fared please?


technological advances in paintball

23 February 2009 - 03:50 AM

Some time ago looking around i was surprised to see that LUXE had a marker with "voice". When i watched Mike's show on the LUXE i was surprised too with the internal air routing allowing a macroline free set-up. However...

Somehow i feel that the technological feats of nowadays paintball markers are "average" : since the introduction of electronics in the well loved pneumatic guns we've had boards with numerous fire modes, 2 eyes, 4 eyes...and what else?

What about the overall shape of a paintball gun? macroline is always outside, the regulators are always outside, we can adjust trigger response and fiddle with other features...but isn't this a little, well too little quite frankly?

The board "techonolgy" is improving? really? because quite frankly i can't really see what is truly improving? if you mean going from 10 bps to 50 bps uncapped, well, is that really improvement? There is a computer law which predicts that every year the processing power of a given chip is multiplied by 2, so to me that's not really impressive. All the other settings are just parameters in a program which can be changed because they are "variables". True when you did not have a "screen" to see what you were changing it was tricky but those programs have always been there since this is electronics. Lastly all the "computing power" is readily available to common Joe, like you and me. Those companies do not need to develop the hardware as they are creating their boards.

Now, look at the boards? don't they all seem similar in shape, size, thickness, etc...? after all these years shouldn't we expect something a little smaller, compact, something which would enable better space useage?

Eyes? really? well any remote control you have in your house has got "eyes", and my bet is that those "Eyes" have been in your house long before you had "eyes" on your marker!! Laser eyes? Please!! in 1997 i was at Uni doing some work on laser system and we did not have a $100+ board to deal with the eye because my department could not afford it and we did not need it either!!

So, regulators, air flow and all that? i know some people like to use their regulators as handle, well if your reg was internal, wouldn't a handle be safer? So, internal regulation, using the same kind of regulators than now, but not visible? What about that, would it be too hard? Well, if you judge by some CO2 pistols (granted you would have to extrapolate the technology) this is possible, so why isn't this normal nowadays?

Material used to build markers? i can buy a full set of titanium bolts / nuts for a motorbike for $200 but i can not find titanium on a paintball marker? what about carbon? you can put carbon everywhere on a mountain bike for prices similar to what you pay for aftermarket paintball parts, but can not have a carbon frame for a marker?

Why is it that, it seems to me, that from one year to another one we get pretty much the same product re-packaged, re-coloured, with nicer shapes? If you look at markers within price brackets they pretty much all perform the same way with nearly all the same attributes and invariably they all have little niggly things which need fixing.

Don't get me wrong i like my toys, i have many (skis, bike, hifi, cars..etc...) and i like to customise stuff too, but i feel that the paintball industry is nowadays resting on its laurels and need to look back at the area around 2000 when things started to go in all directions and rekindle that need for radical improvments.

Unless, the obvious answer has been staring at us in the face for a long time : the money available in paintball is not big enough to justify improvements radically different from what we get on a yearly basis.But, then i ask why is it that prices are so high when, to me, the advances are not that substantial? Why is an EGO9, DM9 or a LUXE so expensive when year after year the technology involved within has not improved leaps and bounds?

So for those of us who really want to push the limits, there is only one point of call : custom makers..only thus far i haven't found anyone who custom makes boards to the same level of advance that some other customer do their milling / routing..etc...

My future paintball marker will be a pump marker, 100% custom made, with my specs and my design, because after all if i shed a substantial amount of money on another "toy" i'd rather be able to kick myself in the backside for designing a piece of shit than strolling through endless pages of forums trying to find if my markers problems are common..and screaming outloud why oh why did i buy this??

Don't get me wrong, i love playing paintball, it always makes me laugh and i get a kick out of it, it's just..well..i guess i am a geek after all!!!

Keep balling

paintballing in europe SUCKS and cost too much

20 February 2009 - 02:59 AM

hello friends

Well as most of you know i live in europe. Well, the nice thing about Europe is that everything is more expensive than in the states and that's of course when we can get it...and that really fucks me off!!! so to give you a little insight : the curreny used in Europe is the EURO and 1 EURO = 1.20 US$

Ok, so 1 Euro is more than 1 $...so here we go

SM Vibe : 170 euros
Tippmann 98 : 180 euros
Tippman A5 : 250 euros
SM Ion : 270 euros
tippman X5 : 400 euros
Invert mini : 450 euros
schocker NXT : 700 Euros
DXL luxe : 1500 Euros
Ego 9 : 1100 euros
DM9 : 1000 Euros

1 case of average paintball 50 Euros
1 case of tournament grade paintball : 70 euros

etc...etc...oh yeah..playing, i forgot about playing. Here in Austria you pay per hour : 2 hours 35 euros, 3 hours 45 euros, after that no-one knows...

Sucks, i am a bit cheesed off...i guess i'll have to find some people to go and play woodsball, in the wood, in the middle of nowhere...

Rant finsihed!!!!


19 February 2009 - 08:52 AM

pretty much self explanatory

if you live / work / play there drop me a line