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Yesterday, 10:03 PM

Well, may as well get some use out of this place again, so that being said for the newer ballers out there if you have any questions feel free to ask. I've been balling for going on 10 years, run two of Canada's largest and most successful scenario teams, done a heap of BST, commanded and won Living Legends this past year and the largest events Canada has to offer so feel free to ask I'm here to help.

Gun, gear or scenario questions? BST questions? Running a team, starting a team, sponsorship, anything at all, go for it =)

Not Dead =)

22 January 2016 - 07:19 AM

Oh! Hey!

So, no, I'm not dead, I've done a bit of reading, after the forums dropped I was pretty bummed out. When they went down and I legitimately thought the forums were dead I felt like a little piece of me died. I spent a LOT of time on TechPB, wrote 20+ indepth guides, established the BST and developed the processes we used to provide the safest BST on the net. 

Now that being said admittedly I haven't used the forums for a long while, I'd check in now and then and see practically nothing happening and those periods of time in between me checking would get longer and longer. With the activity on Facebook seemingly taking over paintball that just seemed like the way to go. Admittedly when I started my team I fought tooth and nail to recruit people locally for games here and found I could only actually contact 20 in the province outside of my team where as Facebook I could contact literally hundreds fairly easily. When my true focus in the paintball world became my team Facebook put everything at my finger tips.

To be honest I had given up on TechPB, twice I tried to bring up the idea of condensing things, being rid of old forums that were no longer active and made the place look like a ghost town while at the same time looking to take all of the cumulative traffic and direct it to just a few forums. Spark some activity, people checking in see there's legitimate changes that have taken place and people are posting and hopefully we rope them back in and get things to grow again. 

The problem with TechPB was that it maintained a model that worked fabulously in 2010 but didn't adapt and change with the times. Reddit is active with paintball because it's one single forum, hence all traffic is lumped into one area and it keeps active. Then of course there is attached the overall popularity of Reddit in the first place. What TechPB needs is an update, change and a new approach, I'm hoping to try and push that if the forums do end up sticking around. 

For me when I thought the forums were legitimately gone I literally shed a tear, all the friends, the content, the culture of the forums and for my team who has become family to me much of our history along with it. Like I said, it felt like a little piece of me died when I thought this place was gone.


So the above is the "TechPB" portion of this.

For those wondering about me I saw a comment about how I had ducked out of TechPB and likely paintball with a focus on family. I've been married for going on 8 years now, have a 5 year old daughter (Silia) and a 4 month old son (Simon). I'm a Corporal in the RCAF and on the fast track to promotion and loving it.

Well, while yes, I do have a strong focus on family I'm into paintball deeper now than I have been at any point. If you're here in Canada and into scenario/big games you know =). Citrus Connection and by extension now our feeder team Citrus Militia has become what I feel to be one of the strongest scenario teams Canada has ever produced, not to mention the fact that a few TechPB staffers and numerous OG TechPB members are members of the team some notable names being Cheevo, Dragan (groundfire), the Schack brothers, CdNinja, Forrest, cockeraddict, Eskimo, and the list goes on.


Some accomplishments of Citrus being;

-XO position at the first Canadian Carnage (First Canadian Viper game), took the win and MFO
-General position at Canadian Carnage 3 taking the win and MFO
-General position at Fight For Asylum 2 and 3 both wins (800+ player games)
-Two MFO's at Living Legends 6/7 with myself XO'ing 7
-A cumulative 30+ awards for the team at both Canadian and US games

Beyond that I'm also commanding the Titans side at Living Legends 9 in May =)

For those wondering about involvement with the online community, I've worked to become a voice for the players here in Ontario and have actively taken on what I've seen to be wrong in the game. While it was once true that teams could be black balled for speaking out against price fixing, fixed games, poorly planned and administrated games I took it head on and worked to break that cycle.

Then in regards to BST I'm currently an Admin on 8 of the major BST's in Canada literally all across the country and started the second largest one in Canada the Canadian Speedball Exchange. I also started This Is Paintball International which has close to 3000 members as a general chat group. So, that old TechPB spirit is out there and many of us are actively spreading it around. This is our history and I fully intend to stay true to it and work to do what's right.

So, if you want to get caught up come to Living Legends in May, join up with the Titans and we'll shoot the shit. Hopefully we can turn things around and build up a decent community here again. If we can get some stuff sorted and changed around here maybe we'll drum up some activity again, it may not pay by any means but you don't stay in paintball for this long and work this hard at it without it being a labour of love.