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Wheres Mike's guide to college!?

23 September 2011 - 05:37 PM

There was a post by Mike like 2 years ago where he made a huge guide about college and I've just been talking with my friend and wanted to show him it. I couldn't find it though! soo.. id really like if anybody that knows the post by mike that I'm talking about, please post the link to it because I can't seem to find it.. :/ thanks for all help :D

Jetting out to Europe and im packin' a G3!

15 July 2011 - 06:20 PM

***If you'd like to read the entire story, it starts below. If you'd like to get to the point, its marked a little further down.
Tomorrow night i'll be on a red eye flight to Budapest, Hungary with my younger brother for 3 weeks staying at my uncles house and going to a language camp for a bit. I personally know Hungarian pretty well speaking wise and I can read at about the same speed as a 5 year old, my brother on the other hand know next to nothing though and we are going to a language camp for about 10 days just to brush up and learn. Anyways with that little bit of background information aside, when I got interested in paintball years back but i was still only 9 or 10 at the time i believe? i was looking at paintball websites and such whenever i was on the computer. Well then my family went back to visit family in Hungary and while there i searched for paintball fields and such, well i soon realized that although Europe (with the exception of the UK which has allot in comparison to other EU nations) has significantly less paintball fields than the US, though it has much more history found all over. By this i mean that there are old buildings and ruins from past wartimes and and other such situations. About 45minutes south from the heart of Budapest is an old Soviet Airbase that was last operational when Hungary was still an Eastern Bloc country. Well now the airbase portion of the facility has been turned into a paintball field and since seeing that, i said to myself that the next time im in Hungary, i will play at that field(ill post a link to the field website below, you can paste the URL of the website into google and when searched, you have the option of translating it to English if you'd like). Well im now returning and by now i have a nice sized gearbag full of the regular paintball equipment that most people have. Well i want to bring it all there with me, but im worried about the shit that im going to have to go through at the airports when traveling to, and from hungary and the USA.

***The "SHORT"...story and main point of this thread.(believe it or not)
Im 16 and im flying to europe tomorrow night and im packing right now, id like to bring all my stuff though im worried about bringing my paintball marker and HPA tank. Ive watched Kitty's video on traveling with paintball equipment though im still uncertain as to what i should expect. Im flying out of JFK (New York) with Delta-Air France flight to Budapest, Hungary and i have a G3 that i want to bring and a Draxxus HPA tank that still has 2 years on it. I went to my pro shop nearby and had the reg removed because it seemed a little too hard for me todo but its just cause the company used red locktite, i now know how to remove it and i use blue locktite. The HPA tank has DOT and TC certification and looks to be in good condition with no scratches or chips in it. I know about it not being legally certified to be used in the EU but would this be heavily enforced if they find out? or would it just be confiscated or id be told that i cannot get on a europe bound flight with it (when departing from the US)? And what about getting off the flight and entering the EU? My next question is about my G3, when i declare my paintball marker, would the TSA allow me to keep it in my luggage or would i be denied the ability to take it being that im 16? and if i were allowed to bring it, but itd be declared as a firearm, how smoothly do you think it would go over in Budapest when i have to pick it up? What about proof of ownership due to taxes and customs? And the gun laws in hungary are very strict i know being that even a police officer has to spend close to a year of effort going through certification to be able to own a gun for personal protection. But people still play paintball there and i know Oliver Lang from Dynasty plays in the millennium league for the Budapest Bullets. Also the airline im flying with requires that guns be kept in a hard case, can my original G3 box be a substitute?

***Thanks for all the help to anyone that is actually willing to read this entire thread. its much appreciated. now to continue packing.. and btw, if i decide not to bring my marker and HPA tank, ill be bringing most of my other stuff (minus the tools and maintenance stuff i wont need).

Link to the soviet airbase paintball field (translated): http://translate.goo...=1342&prmd=ivns

Link to the Budapest Bullets team with Oliver Lang as the only American: http://www.millenniu...udapest Bullets