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In Topic: Calling All Wisconsin Pump Owners!

30 January 2009 - 01:42 PM

They have that game for Huntingtons in Hudson don't they?

Hunt for the Cure - yup.

Hunt for the cure is amazing, everyone should come to it. Me and a few buddies will also be coming to the pump games, like 5 of us just bought phantoms.

Eric V - phantom - polk

In Topic: Paintball Players @ UWEC

27 January 2009 - 02:33 PM

I am pretty sure we played them at the NCPA Midwest Event #4 at Stinger in Kewaskum. And if it said that they were last updated in 2004, it doesnt mean that they are not around. Our Info hasnt been updated in a few years either. I would just say check the school website and see if they are listed on there as a club.

Hey man, when i seen this thread i knew i had to get an account! Im going to UWEC (staying in putnam) and i ball all the time man, ive only found a handful of ballers at UWEC though.

I beleive the club from UWEC stopped because the captain and the guy that kept it going graduated. Me and another friend were going to get it started again but i guess there was a shit ton of paper work that had to be done, so we said screw it and just kept playing with our previous team.

edit: wait, lol, is this zager man? i actually looked at the username of who posted this lol. I guess my search for UWEC ballers continues cause i already know ya...