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In Topic: The technological limit of paintball?

15 February 2012 - 12:36 PM

In our sport it is more prevalent than almost any others. Unfortunately the general ref is more concerned about the bonus balling paint happy prick coming back to the field than actually reffing.
Cheating defeats the purpose of getting better, thus hurting innovation.

Y'know, I've noticed that refs are getting younger and younger too... it's not just the average age of the players, it's the STAFF at most paintball fields too. These are serious businesses... you can't have 17 year old kids giving everyone a safety speech, then watch those same "authority figures" horse around and flaunt those very same safety rules in front of the first timers. Also, for many of these younger refs, it's the first time they've been giving a position of "power". It goes straight to their head, half the time, and you get renters being verbally abused, ridiculed, and very loudly berated for the least little infraction. If someone gets some fogging in their mask and absent-mindedly lifts their mask for a half second, or pulls off their mask just BEFORE exiting the playing field, you give them a serious warning, and watch to see if they do it a second time. You DON'T yell and scream at them like you've just caught them murdering a baby, right in front of their friends and family, then storm off, muttering things like, "Stupid idiot! (again, in front of their friends, family, and co-workers).

Seeing stuff like this makes me cringe. I've worked in customer service in many previous jobs, and my current occupation has an element of customer service to it as well. Behaviour like this reeks of unprofessionalism, and will make an otherwise positive experience into something very humiliating, degrading, and your chances of getting repeat business will be very very low. Not to mention, it gives paintball in general a crappy rep.

I'm not saying that younger refs will AUTOMATICALLY be sh*tty refs, but they need to be emotionally mature enough to be trusted with your customers and your business. They also need to know the basics of customer service, and the reasons behind them. Better hiring practices need to be implemented, and better on-job training too, as well as SOME supervision. Managers need to keep an eye on their staff to know what's going on... not just sit behind a cash register all day.

In Topic: Your Favorite Blowback

14 February 2012 - 01:44 PM

Spyder MR1.

Right feed, and the simplest internals ever. I've eliminated more opponents with that marker than with all my other markers combined (except maybe my PMI Trracer Tagmaster, but I've had that thing since '92). Mind you, my MR1 is hardly stock... I've done a few things with it to make it a bit more consistent, more air efficient, chop less, and kick a bit less. Nothing that would take away from it's sheer simplicity and reliability though.

In Topic: Valken shut out of the PSP?

14 February 2012 - 01:40 PM

Can we just go back to 10 man with mech 'cockers already? Those were the good ole days.



Oh yeah, that's right. You and SnakeSniper weren't even born back then. You guys probably think of the DM9 as "an old classic". ;)

In Topic: New tippmann speedball gun

10 February 2012 - 01:52 PM

I'm hoping that they're NOT trying to go for "high-end". What many people want is something comparable to the old Automag. Dead simple, easy to maintain, will work even if you neglect the crap out of it, reliable enough to work no matter how you abuse it, but still have the ergonomics and familiarity of a speedball style setup. It would be something that's ideally suited for the rec player, diehard woodsball player, and perhaps somewhat competitive at the D4 or rookie level of a speedball tournament, but anyone going higher than that would probably want the RoF of a dedicated electro.

Think of it kind of like the mech autocockers that some people play with. Fun, fast enough for most players, and feels really nice to shoot. Of course, it would have the added bonus of not having to worry about timing, no back block flying back at your facemask, and no external pneumatics.

I would want this just to have in my gear bag 24/7. Ready to go at any time. Maybe it weighs half a pound more than my electro, but I know I don't need to have batteries, complicated tools, a programming manual, etc., to make it work. If it's priced at $400 or under, and built to last, Tippman's got my money.

People who think this marker will shoot poorly should do some more research on Automags. The Phenom is essentially an Automag, just like an SP1 is essentially an Ion, or the MTac is essentially a Bob Long Intimidator. This would just be the Phenom, stripped down to minimal weight and profile... a return to the glory of the old Automag. And for anyone who thinks the Automag can't hold it's own, or will sell poorly, you need to learn your paintball history. This marker has serious potential, will feel great in the hands, shoot great, and have the added bonus of amazing reliability and durability.

Now, the only question is, "What barrel thread are they going to go with"? I'd hate to see Angel thread... A5 or Autococker would be my bet (although I like the SP thread best, there are plenty more A5 and Autococker aftermarket barrels out there).

Oh, and I'd also like to see steel braided hose for this, but I'd probably be in the minority. Added durability and reliability, which would go well with the Tippman reputation for bomb-proof designs that aren't necessarily fashionable.

In Topic: Dangerous Power Owners Club

09 February 2012 - 05:02 PM

Actually, something new from DP would be nice... definately would spark new life into this forum.

Myself, I'm slowly working on my DP Fusion FX, trying to make it the lightest speedball-style setup possible. So far I've replaced the stock 16" two piece barrel with a Deadlywind Null (lighter than the Fibur by about 20-30 grams), replaced the trigger with the Violent delrin scythe trigger, and plan on picking up the new TechT bolt, new TechT ram, find a lighter ASA (doesn't matter if it's on/off, so long as it's lighter than the RAPS and still works), and possibly replace the clamping arm of the feedneck for a simple bolt requiring an allen key to tighten (less convenient, but will shave a few grams). I might even swap the reg out for an old CP shorty... it's about half an ounce lighter.

I'll probably run the thing with my old Revvy, or perhaps a VMax (almost half a pound lighter than my Rotor), and as small a bottle as I can get away with (and still finish games). Even the NXE neoprene bottle cover will have to go... that thing alone weighs as much as several barrels.

Admittedly, it's a silly project. However, I like coming up with little project markers to keep the hobby fresh and interesting. I'm hoping that by having a lighter setup, it'll improve my snapshooting marginally, let me run around marginally faster, and let me bring my gun onto target a fraction of a second faster. If not, it's still a neat and fun project to work on.