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  • ChloricNamePhoto

    I would if I could but I am only 13. Would you tell if you can find a job?

  • r45vtPhoto
    HK Army...

    r45vt - Today, 01:26 AM

    HK speed feed is is great but you pay for it.  

  • Orange ChickenPhoto
    best lube for spoolie

    Orange Chicken - Yesterday, 11:48 PM

    So I'm a marketer for GoG exclusively selling the eNMEy's and have also been a solid owner of the eNMEy since it came out. From what I found with most markers, including the eNMEy, that it's normal...

  • SteephillPhoto
    What has changed in TechPB?

    Steephill - Yesterday, 11:41 PM

    Slowed down. People got banned, people left since their friends were gone, more people left since it just got slow, servers went down for a long time, people just never really came back. Pretty muc...

  • Proflex95Photo

    Hey guys need help sizing for pants and elbow pads I'm 5'9 188lbs waist size 36-38 what sizes should I get

  • lukylovespaintballinPhoto

    I havent been on for a long time, and i was wondering, other than the format, what has really changed in the forum?

  • OFWGKTA666Photo

    Absolutely love the song...

  • KlubPhoto

    Klub - Yesterday, 11:02 PM

    big company sponsorships are useless, unless you're higher divisional or pro.  The best idea is to offer to help ref/setup/clean or whatever at a field, and see if you can become their ho...

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