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  • PREDATOR 47Photo
    The Strikeloader

    PREDATOR 47 - Yesterday, 11:34 PM

    The Maxxloader actually is out, and is for sale, and people already have them. The feed rate is almost irrelevant these days, 15 is as fast as it will ever need to load. Also, as for reloading...

  • PREDATOR 47Photo
    oil/lube/grease for a5

    PREDATOR 47 - Yesterday, 11:29 PM

    should I avoid getting the oil on the thread of the ASA when i drop the oil in or does it not affect the air tank when I put it on?If you get oil on the threads of the ASA, it will not hurt anythin...

  • Ericman367Photo
    oil/lube/grease for a5

    Ericman367 - Yesterday, 10:59 PM

     Read the Manual.Shitpost. The difference between oil and grease is the viscosity. Oil is thinner and will move around in the gun, and grease is thicker and tends to stay in place. Lube is ki...

  • Ericman367Photo
    oil/lube/grease for a5

    Ericman367 - Yesterday, 10:55 PM

    I would encourage you to take it apart at the end of your season so that you can get to better know your gun and how it works. The clamshell design of Tippmanns make them a little tricky but not to...

  • TimedFormula8Photo

    Used rotor 50-80$ used spires 120-130$.

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

    Just about every fitting you've seen on a Paintball gun is made by Norgren. After a quick search, I couldn't find out what they use for the sealant, or whether or not you could even buy it. But kno...

  • Cyco-DudePhoto
    oil/lube/grease for a5

    Cyco-Dude - Yesterday, 02:32 PM

    i do use grease on the bottom of the cyclone feed ratchet. oil just gets throw around in there. other than that, i use oil.

  • Cyco-DudePhoto
    Etha + J&J

    Cyco-Dude - Yesterday, 02:29 PM

    the j&j is a lightweight and quiet barrel. the bore is nothing special, but better than a typical stock barrel. the cp gives you more color and bore size options.

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