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  • InmycrosshairsPhoto

    It really is allot of fun.  :) I haven't noticed any scoring in my barrel yet. so I think that is good.    The reballs do hurt more.  Reball recommends a fps below 240....

  • OMGitisZMDPhoto

    I have some glue residue in my i4s, can I clean that off with rubbing alcohol?

  • foxx0440Photo
    First pump advice

    foxx0440 - Today, 08:18 AM

    Watch all the reviews on the azodin kp that look legit, mike's, cocker punks', modern intel's, hustle's and most if not all will tell you that it is the best entry level pump for open class. Even b...

  • Red InfinityPhoto

    I play at OSG around once a year, I spend my days at BOLP, usually shooting Bigx.

  • foxx0440Photo
    Loader Problem

    foxx0440 - Today, 08:12 AM

    If you are planning in keeping this gun, try and get a revy, is far better than your current loader and will keep up with your pilot, plus you can "split" a little bit the feed neck and place it ov...

  • Ahunt01Photo
    Spyder ACS Leaking

    Ahunt01 - Today, 08:10 AM

    Is it normally an o-ring issue when you don't hear a leak, but the tank's efficiency is nearly nothing? I guess I don't know if I should have been able to hear something if there was a leak. Any...

  • foxx0440Photo
    dye c5 pants

    foxx0440 - Today, 08:07 AM

    Thanks, i think i will actually do that :) Thanks, i think i will actually do that :)

  • foxx0440Photo
    Spyder ACS Leaking

    foxx0440 - Today, 08:03 AM

    Some say it is not the best idea to put oil IN the ASA.. But you can put drop or two or Tryflow on the tank's threads.. This will make it easier to screw and unscrew it. Specialy since it doesnt s...

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