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  • edxPhoto

    Action Paintball Events (APE) - Ambush Open SATURDAY/SUNDAY May 23rd-24th at Ambush Paintball Park. This event is being hosted by Critical Paintball. 3 Man Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 5 Man Sunda...

  • Cucuzza65Photo

    I still can't deside on a paintball marker everyone says the empire axe but then I search reviews they say it's good for the price but it has some issues with like board and stuff I'd rather spend...

  • unfated33Photo

    the 68ci and 77 super light are pretty close to the same size - about an inch longer on the 77ci.  Most people I know have switched to recommending the 77/4500 because of the increase in capac...

  • AceStudiosPhoto

    I mainly play woodsball or scenario(casual player), my price for the gun is max $200 (the gun only though, not any other equipment). I will not buy used. I also want something with upgradibility so...

  • JOEYPBdudePhoto

    Then he would have to get a used one..I just bought a guerrilla 68/4500 for $135 as a extra tank from ansgear and that was 2 years old but still new...(never used anyway)

  • Cucuzza65Photo

    Everyone recommends the 68ci but I have kinda long arms so would the 77 be better and it would have more air anyways right? And I heard u can take little rings out of the ninjas for more pressure o...

  • foxx0440Photo

    any idea how valken elbow pads stack up regarding size with eighter dye or exalt??

  • yamahanytroPhoto
    Here is a fun one...

    yamahanytro - Today, 05:49 PM

    You can buy the motor, and battery harness from ANSgear.com right here, http://www.ansgear.com/HALO_Motor_Harness_p/halomotor.htm

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