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  • SeanPB1029Photo

    've been playing paintball for a couple years now (mostly woodsball) and I have yet to buy a gun. I rented the first couple times before I found out that rentals are pretty shitty (and pricy since...

  • OFWGKTA666Photo

    Another vote for extcy.. the case is good if you wanna rage, put the gun in the case and throw it down a small hill. Assuming you're still mad to take everything off, put it in the case and throw it

  • ball1Photo

    why doesn't someone invent a pack that holds a small caddy???They did long ago.  It's called a backpack!  LOL

  • Blacklightning33Photo

    Hey I try to go to the field every Sunday they have this special deal. But I want to play in my woods but some times me and my friends run out of air. I was planning on buying one ore two scooba t...

  • EskimoPhoto

    Its been a long time since I entered this forum. its strange. it has a different feeling.

  • EskimoPhoto

    You dont need an amp, You can get a little conversion bit for the headphones, I use the Sennheiser for both Xbox One and PC.

  • PuckHeadPhoto

    Yeah I have proflex mask, a halo too hopper and 68/45 ninja tank all set. I'm just not sure which route is better to take, speedball or milsim. I'm leaning more towards speedball but I don't want a...

  • nineteen5Photo
    Gaming pc advice

    nineteen5 - Today, 09:00 AM

    Ok just wondering

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