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  • LordFawfulPhoto
    Tippmann Factory F/A

    LordFawful - Today, 11:09 PM

    A Friend of mine asked me to sell his Factory F/A, The Loader spring is broken, and its a bit dirty. I remember to reading someone sold one for around 500, im sure if its worth that much, any know...

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Word Association

    ChloricName - Today, 10:06 PM


  • ChloricNamePhoto

    In real life? I think I have seen the pictures. Would you upgrade to a pro

  • BurningPlaydohPhoto
    geo 2.1 vs dm 13

    BurningPlaydoh - Today, 09:49 PM

    He is gong to throw a IV core in it and then they will be equal.  As of right now the dm is better."Better..."

  • ClayCallisonPhoto
    V1 Victory Problems

    ClayCallison - Today, 09:35 PM

    So at work yesterday someone brought their brand new victory they picked up from the trade my gun tent at world cup and it started leaking out of the grips and they said it had bolt stick early on...

  • Justin B.Photo

    You should upload more. :tup: Thanks man! I have some footage from a game where I played against the Navy college players. I shot 3 of them total in that game and 1 of them I bunkered at the e...

  • ClayCallisonPhoto
    geo 2.1 vs dm 13

    ClayCallison - Today, 08:36 PM

    He is gong to throw a IV core in it and then they will be equal.  As of right now the dm is better.

  • ChloricNamePhoto

    Thank god, your back

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