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  • 5N1P3RPhoto
    T9.1 Setup for Sale

    5N1P3R - Today, 11:15 PM

    Sent you a PM on MCB.

  • invert mini guyPhoto

    I want to trade my v3 invert mini for a stock class CCI phantom with vertical bucket changer and a t stock

  • bigxPhoto
    Did it die?

    bigx - Today, 10:59 PM

    Between Nursing school and working full time my boat is full. I am on here when I feel like killing some time but thats pretty much it. 

  • OFWGKTA666Photo

    I'd put your speed feed and pod pack money into your mask. Giving you room to play with and save up for a pod pack later

  • Pvlacrosse14Photo
    07 PMR

    Pvlacrosse14 - Today, 10:49 PM

    No, that's a pm7, or a proto matrix 7. Not an 07 Proto matrix rail. Thanks for trying!

  • TDHunter99Photo
    07 PMR

    TDHunter99 - Today, 10:44 PM

    http://www.ansgear.com/Dye_Solenoid_Assembly_DM6_DM7_DM8_DM9_DM10_PM6_P_p/dyedm6solenoid.htm is this what you need?

  • andrewthewookiePhoto
    Shocker build

    andrewthewookie - Today, 10:41 PM

    You'll need a front reg mount, a solenoid with upper board, trigger, reg, asa, and feedneck. Pretty much the only places you can find the shocker specific parts (trigger, FRM, solenoid/upper board)...

  • irish727Photo
    Shocker build

    irish727 - Today, 10:38 PM

    I just started a custom shocker sft build and was wondering what parts I need as I already have a frame body bolt assembly the board eyes and the eye cover and was just wondering what are the parts...

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