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  • OFWGKTA666Photo

    Hey all, A buddy of mine has recently been getting into paintball with me and is completely won over by the idea of magfed paintball markers. He's tried using speedball style guns and hates the...

  • Proflex95Photo
    Defy d3s?

    Proflex95 - Today, 12:56 AM

    Is this gun worth it is it a decent gun or I shouldn't waist my money?

  • Rhino1909Photo
    WTB Spire

    Rhino1909 - Yesterday, 09:55 PM

    WTB Spire in great condition used, or new

  • TDHunter99Photo
    The "would you" game!

    TDHunter99 - Yesterday, 04:52 PM

    I really want them, mostly for the guns. Those dlc sniper rifles are calling my name.  would you tell me your favorite weapon class?

  • Paintballer1999Photo

    Hey, you should really come down to first strike paintball in Newberry, FL, there is a two day scenario on the 27 and 28. Prices and directions are on the site, you should really check it out, ther...

  • ClayCallisonPhoto

    They banned airsoft from Orbital after the owner found an IED on the field.  Some stupid airsoft shithead filled pvc pipe with bbs and put an m80 inside.  It wasn't the first time either...

  • HexPhoto
    Hex's Quitting Gearbag Sale!

    Hex - Yesterday, 02:39 PM

    Still selling. I need to get this stuff sold!!

  • JawzPhoto

    Wtf kind of question is that, I'm Canadian of course I play hockey if I didn't if probably turn to a life of crime or drugs or god forbid.... taL

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