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  • luliemasilaPhoto

    Is actually secure to make use of? Will it features unwanted side effects?had underwent series of testing by means of physicians and also natual skin care professionals, they ensured that each ingr...

  • BigReRePhoto
    The Strikeloader

    BigReRe - Yesterday, 09:13 PM

    Ugh facebook. Just gotta way from there.

  • TimedFormula8Photo
    The Strikeloader

    TimedFormula8 - Yesterday, 05:25 PM

    There are quite a few reviews check the facebook forums a couple people just got them.

  • TimedFormula8Photo
    Mini Marker Help

    TimedFormula8 - Yesterday, 05:24 PM

    Im guessing solenoid I commented minutes after this was posted with a paragrphs worth of help but my phone didn't post it sorry

  • PREDATOR 47Photo
    oil/lube/grease for a5

    PREDATOR 47 - Yesterday, 12:12 PM

    Yep, the ASA is where the marker connects to the tank. ASA stand for Air Source Adapter. The part where a regulator screws in uses the same threads, so that can also be known as an ASA. So, some gu...

  • Ericman367Photo
    oil/lube/grease for a5

    Ericman367 - Nov 24 2015 09:44 PM

      Read the Manual.Shitpost. The difference between oil and grease is the viscosity. Oil is thinner and will move around in the gun, and grease is thicker and tends to stay in place. Lube...

  • BigReRePhoto
    Mini Marker Help

    BigReRe - Nov 24 2015 09:38 PM

    Great now i've gotta just wonder about how it was fixed till I forget about the whole thing.

  • BigReRePhoto
    The Strikeloader

    BigReRe - Nov 24 2015 09:35 PM

    I suppose that's fair. I can't really find a review for it anyway.

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