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  • bigxPhoto
    Anyone here play 40K?

    bigx - Today, 05:59 PM

    Just got into it playing IG trying to learn the rules and flesh out an army.  What are your guys thoughts? Any Advice? 

  • andrewthewookiePhoto
    OLED Board

    andrewthewookie - Today, 04:26 PM

    It was a joke... "About 6% of those with epilepsy have seizures that are often triggered by specific events and are known as reflex seizures. Those with reflex epilepsy have seizures that are only...

  • LotusPhoto
    Cheap Spool?

    Lotus - Today, 04:14 PM

    Play paintball more? Better to use it to play than to get redundant gear.

  • Pvlacrosse14Photo
    First Car?

    Pvlacrosse14 - Today, 03:46 PM

    Ya, I thought the same about leaf suspensions, I just don't want it to die out on me. I plan on getting something I will drive for a while without issue. Good gas consumption would be great, but an...

  • Pvlacrosse14Photo
    OLED Board

    Pvlacrosse14 - Today, 03:41 PM

    What is that? And the board is a frenzy board, not made by tadao

  • Curry PiPhoto
    Cheap Spool?

    Curry Pi - Today, 03:29 PM

    Well maybe i'm not entirely sure but i still have like $100 i got for doing good with high school classes during my 8th grade year and airsoft is the big thing now so i'm also looking at a better a...

  • andrewthewookiePhoto
    First Car?

    andrewthewookie - Today, 03:15 PM

  • andrewthewookiePhoto
    Cheap Spool?

    andrewthewookie - Today, 03:14 PM

      So what about the proto and etha i understand its a "pull poppet spool"  which translates into the worst of both worlds. Not even. The Etha can be looked at like an automag without a se...

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