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  • Jdevil5Photo

    Hey guys just got a pretty much barely used nxt shocker private labeled with a dynasty board! The gun looks great and feels great but coming from an etha I have very little knowledge of adjusting t...

  • WasabiBoiPhoto

     Holy revival batman.... I specifically signed in just to say you guys weren't even around when this thread was made.  :P Oh wow looks who's alive  Hey! You're still o...

  • bigxPhoto
    WTB Invert Mini Body

    bigx - Today, 09:17 PM

    Check Sawyer PB on Ebay he parts out guns all the time. Thats your best bet. 

  • bigxPhoto

    So you have had a rl before? No just dont want an RL. 

  • itsme123Photo
    The "would you" game!

    itsme123 - Today, 08:16 PM

    I thought about trying to become a fighter pilot, but I decided against that. I am still thinking about going into the air force to work on airplanes and missiles and stuff. WOuld you tell me...

  • Nightmare PBPhoto

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share my most recent upload with you all. I hope posting these videos is ok, and if so I look forward to showing you all my videos on a weekly basis. Cheers! On an a...

  • TinyBearPhoto

    Hands down AGD Automags. Both the insanely reliable classics and the best performing mechs to this day ULE Customs. I bought my own classic new and built my ULE over the years up grading the cla...

  • PREDATOR 47Photo

    Dangermanxx is my hero. :dodgy:Dangerman is my hero. :nododgy:

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