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  • Curry PiPhoto
    Fuckin spanish

    Curry Pi - Today, 03:54 PM

    Seriously the only reason i'm going to college is cause of my mom. As soon as thats done and i get my major or whatever its called off to the military.

  • tcheekdyePhoto
    The car thread

    tcheekdye - Today, 01:00 PM

    Since my 240 has very high miles (257k) I plan on doing an engine swap as soon as I save up money. My brother and some of his friends will help me so I'm doing it myself. Whatever I get will be tur...

  • tcheekdyePhoto
    Word Association

    tcheekdye - Today, 12:55 PM

    Time out....where the fuck do you get Elmo from pubes?

  • Nightmare PBPhoto

    Well this year is just about ready to wrap up and I must admit it's been one hell of a year. From being just a random guy with a helmet cam to acquiring a couple of sponsorships and starting a Yout...

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    So I Like A Girl

    ChloricName - Today, 09:17 AM

    That's age, some things go back down.

  • ChloricNamePhoto
    Dye Rotor candy

    ChloricName - Today, 09:16 AM

    Lol sandwhich? Or sandwich

  • the  VampirePhoto
    Dye Rotor candy

    the Vampire - Yesterday, 10:49 PM

    Cool story bro, go make me a sand-which.fixed it

  • tcheekdyePhoto
    So I Like A Girl

    tcheekdye - Yesterday, 09:16 PM

    Jeezus, can we work our way down? Once it goes up, it never goes down

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